Crime: Inchoate Offenses Essay example

Crime: Inchoate Offenses Essay example

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A suspect can be convicted of many different crimes, but the crimes that are the most interesting are called inchoate offenses. An inchoate offense is a type of crime done by taking a illegal step to the commission of another crime. The inchoate offenses are attempt, solicitation, and conspiracy ("Inchoate offense | Wex Legal Dictionary / Encyclopedia | LII / Legal Information Institute", n.d.). Solicitation is one of bottom inchoate offenses, meaning that it does not take much for a suspect to be found guilty of solicitation. Prosecutors must be able to prove two things to be effective in convicting a suspect of solicitation ("Criminal Solicitation Law & Legal Definition", n.d.). The first thing a prosecutor must prove is that a person commands another person to commit a crime. The second thing a prosecutor must prove is that the person who is commanded to commit the crime will actual commit the crime so there will need to be a specific intent ("Criminal Solicitation Law & Legal Definition", n.d.). When being charged with solicitation the other person can be charged with conspiracy. “Conspiracy is a more serious charge than solicitation as well, so if the other person does agree, the individual soliciting the crime will likely be charged with conspiracy rather than solicitation” ("Criminal Solicitation Law & Legal Definition", n.d.).
As an example, if Shay asked her boyfriend to kill her husband so that she can collect the life insurance. Shay can be convicted for solicitation because she asked her boyfriend to kill her husband. Another example would be Katie command Shawn to hit Missy in the face because she does not like her. Katie has the intent for Shawn to assault Missy, so Katie can be convicted for solicitation. A perso...

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