Crime, Incarceration And Law Enforcement Essay

Crime, Incarceration And Law Enforcement Essay

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Crime, Incarceration and Law Enforcement
Building a new prison in the community is an ineffective way to combat crime thus failing to address the underlying issues in the criminal justice system. Instead of building a new prison, there are several innovative policy initiatives used in other countries and counties that have proven to reduce the prison population as well as saving taxpayers some dollars. America is considered one of the most incarcerated nation in the world, by isolating and sending millions of Americans to prison. Incarceration serves as one of the possible solutions in dealing with many of the worst social problems plaguing this country, not because it solves them but because it keep an blind eye to it. Unfortunately, prison has been made conveniently to dismiss deeply rooted issues that people in society face. Those in power have capitalized on the profit rather than attending to issues. These individuals failed to realize that by building this prison in this community, the number of cells will merely increase the number of people in prison. In fact, the criminal justice system is only sending the illusion of fighting crime.
Building a prison in this community is not acceptable because it will promote the injustice within the system, profit from the weak and most importantly it will continue to ignore the issues at hand. Prison is known for failing to address the rising number of inmates, poor prison conditions, public safety and lack of innovative programing therefore bringing it in the community will not solve the already existing problems but rather increase it. Many scholars shared similar views and as a result have made to supporting arguments for such clams. For instance, scholar Jeffery Reiman (1979), of ...

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...ave been made to fight the prejudicial and inhumane practices, most minority groups are still affected by the continuous practice of discrimination as more and more teens get caught up in the system. Conviction has gradually become another form of oppression. Therefore, it is the idea that people should be given a fair opportunity to improve their daily lives regardless of their racial background or history. Until racial inequalities are eliminated, discrimination, racism and bigotry will prevail with the ongoing practices of institutionalized systems that limits the progress of all people. With education and the ability to gain knowledge, it is evident that everyone can be successful as long as they have the desire to do so. Regardless the color, race, sex and gender, it is the matter of determination and will power that enable people to be the best at what they do.

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