Crime In Pakistan Essay

Crime In Pakistan Essay

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The world has evolved into a system which has a sophisticated set of laws encompassing our lives in this modern society. This set of laws is a significant part of our society which holds it together and aims at protecting it against any harm. Infringing this very system is termed as a crime. Across the world, with so many different legal systems of various countries, the laws also differ accordingly and the definition of crime is perceived through those set of laws, henceforth, different perceptions of crime are existing. Pakistani society, of which I am a part of, perceives crime to be something which detriments the social order, harmony and peace. It is a misfortune that this crime is being done at an alarmingly rate since a decade now. A more startling fact is that the ones who are committing this crime are the ones who are running the government which claims to protect the very set of laws they are violating. So, how can such a governing body deal with crimes they themselves are committing and prevent others from doing it to maintain the social order?

I strongly believe that ...

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