The Crime Film Of The 90 's Essay

The Crime Film Of The 90 's Essay

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New Jack City, noted as ‘the crime film of the 90’s’,serves as an important episode for African-American people in America. Set in New York city, the film depicts the story of a success-driven antagonist Nino Brown (Wesley Snipes) who builds an empire powered by organized crime, drug trafficking, and Black delinquent young adults trapped in the cycle of crime. Ronald Reagan’s economic policy coupled with the popularity of crack-cocaine in the inner city creates inconsistencies and untapped markets in the poor community which Nino Brown brilliantly capitalizes on and exploits. His empire is able to successfully cut out the middle men in the drug trafficking market and centralize their operation in a single low-income housing complex inhabited by inner-city families. Scottie (Ice-T) plays the protagonist and is set out to destroy Nino Brown’s drug cartel known as the Cash Money Brothers, more specifically Nino Brown himself. Scottie’s mother died as a result of gang violence irritated by an adolescent Nino Brown. For Scottie, taking down Nino Brown and his drug cartel is more than just his business as an undercover cop; it is personal. Seeing Nino Brown dead or in prison is Scottie’s way of seeking justice and retribution for his mother’s death. Pookie (Chris rock) plays the role of a residual crack addict whose legitimate means of success is stratified by the color of his skin and his economic and social class. Despite Scottie’s efforts to help him and include him in the mission of catching Nino Brown, Pookie loses his life in the crossfire between the Cash Money Brothers and the New York City Narcotics Task force. The movie revolves around the axis of the love of money. Money, in America, is the most viable means of achieving the...

... middle of paper ...’s death and officer duties protect him from that cycle of criminal behavior.

Moreover, New Jack city stands as a perfect example of how criminal behavior manifests itself when communities breakdown and the availability of legitimate means becomes skewed by poor economic policy. Although a fiction film, New Jack City details a chapter of New York’s development in which the city struggled to regain control over its dwindling economy and increase in extreme poverty and criminal behavior brought on by crack-cocaine. The poor economy encouraged a desperate scramble for money, and the rush for money, by any means, became the channel through which individuals sought to achieve the American Dream. Further, they planned to realize that dream in any way possible even if it meant making a profit from the very thing [Crack] that brought on their demise in the first place.

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