The Crime Control Model and the due Process Model in The Brothel Boy Essay

The Crime Control Model and the due Process Model in The Brothel Boy Essay

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There are two main models in the criminal process, the crime control model and the due process model. The crime control model focuses on repression of crime in a speedy and conclusive way. The use of “presumptions of guilt” speeds the process up because very little evidence is needed against the suspect for them to be considered guilty. In this model, it is believed the laws should be stricter, the police force should be increased, and the sentences should be more intense. The due process model has more steps and is more dependable. It focuses more on investigation and finding all the facts. This model pays attention to the person’s rights and liberties as stated in the and the limited powers of the government. The due process model also takes mental illness into consideration, whereas, the crime control model does not. In The Brothel Boy, Mr. Blair used the due process model. Mr. Blair did not think the brothel boy should be as harshly judged and persecuted for his actions because he did not know any better and did not know what he was doing, he was “just like an animal.” Dr. Veraswami, contrarily, uses the criminal control model. He thinks the brothel boy should be treated as everyone else would, and should be hanged for what he did (Packer).
Mala in se and mala prohibita are the two different types of crime. Mala in se means that the crime committed is morally wrong, usually involving harm to someone or their property. Crimes included in this type of crime are murder, rape, theft, etc. Mala prohibita crimes are not exactly wrong per se, they are just prohibited. Mala prohibita crimes are speeding, public intoxication, etc. The crime in The Brothel Boy was a mala in se crime. It is mala in se because rape is rather universall...

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...t he knew (Cole, Smith, and DeJong, p. 64).

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