The Crime By Scott Peterson Essay

The Crime By Scott Peterson Essay

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Is Scott Peterson, is a dark figure of the crime, it seems to be the case, but if we search deeply,

why his ex-lover or girl-friend just start to “trust police” and collaborate agains him, immediately after his wife disappeared?
Once we make “an inside view into the homicide event”1 it not a part of a demonic plan agains the man, who the whole nation decided to make a Public Enemy N1?

Amber Frey ( what a beautiful and scenic name she has), is now a famous writer, and therapist Where, I 'm more then sure, she got the tons of clients after a “dark publicity she 've got” assuring that her ex- BF was a demoniac killer of his own not- even born baby, and consequently putting
to the death raw.

As, we perfectly know, the public could only come to support Ms Frey, not because, public believed to her statement, but because public need a sensation, and to feel a strong emotions. The murder, and in a case of a murder, like Peterson wife and not-born baby, the violence rich to it maximum, that is only why public came to Ms Frey support. Because public love to gather information about special case, and to specify ( define) the level of the violence. The goal of the measure of violence level is only one for all, to designate the punishment for the criminal offender. In a case of Peterson, he was perceived by the public as the most monstrous person in the world. In his case, it 's not a judge who assigned the death penalty as a punishment, but a public.
Like stipulated, David F. Luckenbill into his article :” By definition criminal homicide is a collective transaction. An offender, victim, and possibly an audience engage in an interchange which leave the victim dead”2
Why the justice do not try to search, and even if she found to examine ...

... middle of paper ...

...g happy and healthy free life, like Ms Karla Homolka.

Why I took this example, actually the behavior of Karla, is similar to Amber Frey, while Karla is official recognition criminal, Amber is a victim. Why, then I feel these two woman having something in common ?
Because, both of them handed over his loving one to the police. While Amer testimonial were sufficient to make from her lover a killer and from her media megastar, Karla didn 't found nothing better to protect herself from a death sentence or the life in prison then to hand over his husband , saying he was the only one responsible for the series of death, caused by them both.

My question is actually, why do the justice representatives believed to both of the women.

Seduction, ou just the need of having a Death Punishment ? In order to prevent the society form committing the news crimes.

All is possible.

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