Crime And Terrorism : The Most Serious Issues All Over The World And The United States

Crime And Terrorism : The Most Serious Issues All Over The World And The United States

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Crime and terrorism are among the most serious issues all over the world and The United States is no exception. The government has been forced to come up with approaches in order to ensure that citizens remain in peace and make sure that criminal activities are combated. The urge to achieve tranquility has forced the security departments to come up with approaches to deal with the illegal activities and one of the measures is by the use of policemen in ensuring that everyone is inspected or investigated in order to ensure that no one poses great risk to the rest of citizens (Becker, 2013). In any line of duty, employees are required to uphold some form of basic principles in order to ensure that ethical standards are upheld in dealing with people. Police are no exceptions of this and are expected to uphold strict moral standards while performing investigation on people in order to ensure that the rapport between them is not spoilt. The police are therefore required to ensure that they do not violate the personal space of citizens in dealing with them as it is stated in the constitution (Boloqna, 1996).
Over the years, there have been reports of cases of mishandling people and this has prompted the justice systems to come up with approaches that can help change the habits portrayed by the police and ensure that the bad image which the citizens have for the police is changed and ensure that a good relationship is established between them. The fourth amendment of the constitution of The United States of America articulates the degree to which the police should get in making investigation on people and advocates for the prevention of illogical searches or seizures and demands that any call for investigation should be permitted by t...

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...Numerous positive changes have been attained in the security department by embracing ethical standards in making investigations. Criminal investigations are carried freely and citizens are willing to offer support in making the investigations. The entire nation is attaining stability in terms of security since crime is getting abolished substantially. Citizens have been capable of upholding the law enforcement activities since police no longer molest them in doing their inspection. The state of security is a very fundamental aspect for any nation and it is very important that the people entrusted with the role of ensuring that there is peace do not turn against the citizens by performing unethical investigations. Police officers are therefore required to uphold what is outlined in the constitution concerning the nature of search which is allowed in the constitution.

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