Crime And Social Control Theory Essay

Crime And Social Control Theory Essay

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When we think of crimes we always wonder why people do them in the first place. Usually when a person commits a crime we automatically assume that he or she is a bad person. But we don 't know the circumstances on how that person end up stealing, killing, raping, and etc in the first place. My perspective is that people commit crimes for many reasons, especially seeing it throughout the neighborhood I grew up in and the school I went to in California. But after taking the Crime in America class, it gave me it a better insight of why people commit crimes through the theories that other people research about, and the video examples we seen in class. One of the theories that seem plausible on why people commit crimes is the life course theory in which it was developed as a way to assess and analyze people’s lives within structural, social, and cultural contexts. Another theory that could control the outcome of what influence a person could commit crime is Social Control Theory. This theory believe that society are responsible on maintaining a certain degree of stability and certainty in an individual’s life to make the rules and responsibilities clear, and to create other activities to thwart criminal activity. Finally the last theory that may impact whether a person commits a crime is strain theory, the idea of this theory is that not everyone has the same opportunities compare to others thus in some way it causes them to commit crime due not having the tools to succeed because of strains or stressor.These theories will also be connected to media example we used during in class 11/23, which should be hoop dreams.
To begin with, the life course theory helps analyze people’s lives within structural, social, and cultu...

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...le of social disorganization theory. Finally there is strain theory, and strain theory can be used as an example in the video with such strains or stressors like the inability to gain monetary success in Chicago due to the economy, which would lead to increasing risk of crime, and other things like that. My guess to why both boys didn’t commit crimes was because they had good social control in terms of a good connection with family and it helps that the school in Illinois made Chicago look like a prison cell.
So in conclusion there are many factors to why a person would commit a crime. These theories prove and suggest it such as life course theory, social theory and strain theory. Although, I always knew about why certain people commit crimes, these theories and video examples definitely gave me a better insight and understanding why crimes are committed.

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