Crime And Its Effects On The Inner City Essay example

Crime And Its Effects On The Inner City Essay example

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half of the victims struggling to survive in poverty area is causing them to not choose the right step to a better living but some people have such a negative view about the inner cities where disproportionate numbers of impoverished and African Americans live but the issue is that everything they accomplish is to help themselves survive. “Believed the high rate of young African American men in prison is due to their adaptation to poverty” (Burns). Most of the poverty areas are full of law enforcements which are arresting and killing people because stereotypically these are areas where crime is more likely to happen causing them to over use their power in poverty areas and the system allowing this to occur is a strong racial move discriminating society based on profiles. There is an idea that the inner cities are full of crime and is therefore unsafe. People fail to see that negative stereotypes and social conditions in inner cities generate crime. The social conditions in which people in the inner city endure are tough because they are always being watched by the police and the only thing that they want to accomplish is to maintain their home income to be able to take care of their families just like everyone does in the bad times. The loss of many employment opportunities in the inner cities increased the incentive to sell drugs to make a living out of it. This of course led to many arrests leading the family leader to end up in jail and its poverty to continue getting worse because the only entrance of money has been taken by law enforcement. “If there were more opportunities to make a living, there would have been less drugs, stealing, and violence”(Falk). Providing the poverty areas with better opportunities to succeed and ...

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... American cases are taken more seriously than whites and are even subjected straight to court so that the crime or felony convicted up on must be paid by jail which is the only option given to them. This unequal treatment can raise fundamental concerns about the systems impartiality and may indirectly lead to more crime. Americans incarceration of blacks may only be perpetuating if not actually worsening the crime problem and amongst the groups that already suffers most from poverty, community disorganization, and family disruption are factors that increase crime rate instead of lowering it. One thing is certain however the problem of race and crime in American history and criminal justice is one of the most difficult issues that America faces and the consequences of not being able to confront the problem and work out a solution can one day lead to a catastrophe.

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