Essay on Crime And Its Effect On Crime

Essay on Crime And Its Effect On Crime

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Independent Variables
There is previous information on crime and what factors will influence crime. For this study, multiple independent variables will be used. The independent variables are age, race, abuse as a child, social class, gender, and substance abuse.
Age is one of the factors that can influence crime occurrence. Sweeten, Piquero, and Steinburg (2013) research suggest that a majority of crime is committed by people between the ages of 12-25. The peak at which crime is committed frequently is around the age of 16. On the other hand, the decline of crime will happen at the age of 25. In addition, the research concludes that social control, procedural justice, learning, strain, psychosocial maturity, and rational choice explain the effect of the age-crime relationship. Also, crime tends to be committed more by youth due to developmental changes
Race is another independent variable that could potentially influence crime. In our society, African Americans are portrayed as being criminals. The media tends to be bias against African Americans and only play extensive coverage on an African American being shot by police officers. Almost never do we hear about a white person being killed by an officer. In fact, due to pervious knowledge I know that whites commit more crime than African Americans. On the other hand, research conducted by Shihadeh in 2009 shows that more crime is committed in neighborhoods with a lower class black majority. The homicide rate happens to be 13 times higher than that of a white majority neighborhood. Also, other crimes such as attempted murder and robbery have higher rates in a community with a black majority. on the other hand, communities with upper class African Americans tend to lack crime. ...

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...ariable for this research proposal is crime occurrence. In this proposal, different independent variables will be explored to see which one will influence (crime occurrence) the dependent variable. There are a numerous of reasons that explains why crime occurs. One reason for which it can occur is because of an individual’s lack of means to receive an item legally or because the individual needs to escape a rough situation. Crime occurrence can also occur just for an individual’s pleasure. Just like there are multiple reasons that explains why crime occurs, there are multiple influences that affect crime. These influences might also help explain more in depth the why and how of crime occurrence. Crime happens all over the world and sometimes it is hard to understand why it happened, understanding how crime occurs can help explain it and why individual commit crime.

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