The Crime And Crime Of Interest Then Volunteer Or Attend An Event Of An Organization

The Crime And Crime Of Interest Then Volunteer Or Attend An Event Of An Organization

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The Crime Project required students to find a deviance or crime of interest then volunteer or attend an event of an organization that is related to the crime or deviance. The volunteering or event would give more information and more in depth learning for the paper. By allowing the students to choose the topic and organization to work with, this could lead to more than just a paper topic for the students. This could also lead to internships and more volunteer work.
The event that was attended was the Women’s Fund on domestic violence. It was held in the Winston Tower on Fourth Street. The Women’s Fund had guest speakers on various components and details dealing with domestic violence. The event was promoting awareness of the different types of domestic violence, new laws for victims, and what local organizations can do to help. The guest ranged from college students to Forsyth county assistant district attorneys.
This event not only discussed and covered physical abuse but emotional and psychological abuse that occurs in all relationships. The physical abuse is more prominent and more prevalent in prevention. There are now laws for emotional and psychological abuse. There are also protective laws against emotional and psychological abuse. Family Services is also doing more for women who are emotionally and psychologically abused. There were statistics and examples given from locally to statewide.
Domestic violence has occurred in my family for some time now. My aunt married a man from up north and is emotionally abused and controlled by him. My aunt is still married to him, it against a few member’s wishes but we cannot force her to do anything. She has a son and now two grandsons. It has gotten better but it still occurs. At ...

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...ey want help or to leave the situation. A victim may have children or be completely dependent on the abuser. With emotion and psychological abuse, a victim not realize they are being abused. A victim may think the abuser is emotional or having bad days. The signs of emotional and psychological are not as clear as physical abuse. It is important to support the victim, no matter and make sure they stay safe (Kenny).
What does a victim go through?
A victim can go through anything, they are at the mercy of their abuser. A victim may try to hide the abuse from friends or family. A victim may try to get help or escape. A victim may do anything and everything to survive. A victim may be confused and scared the entire time. Nobody knows what a victim goes through until you become a victim yourself. It can very difficult to understand why a victim does what they do (Marx).

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