Essay about The Cretaceous Er The Last And Longest Segment Of The Mesozoic Era

Essay about The Cretaceous Er The Last And Longest Segment Of The Mesozoic Era

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According to a live science, an article written by Mary Bagley, "The Cretaceous Period was the last and longest segment of the Mesozoic Era. It lasted approximately 79 million years, from the minor extinction event that closed the Jurassic Period about 145.5 million years ago to the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event dated at 65.5 million years ago"(Mary Bagley, LS). In the cretaceous period, the continent of Pangea was still breaking away from itself, forming what we now know as the seven world continents. In the many eras of dinosaurs, the cretaceous era was responsible for evolving some, but not all the dinosaurs from full land dinosaurs to some who were able to live both on land and in water, semi-aquatic carnivorous dinosaurs. This era had produced some of the dinosaurs that maybe us non- paleontologist are more familiar with like the all mighty tyrannosaurus rex or the long neck. Well let me tell you, there were a lot more dinosaurs than just those two. Although the tyrannosaurs rex was an enormous dinosaur, a bigger dinosaur was discovered in 1912, the Spinosaurus. This discovery would change peoples, kids, and paleontologists view on which dinosaur was bigger than the other. This semi-aquatic dinosaur, Spinosaurus, was much larger than the T-rex due to its sail like backbones that stuck out of its back. Furthermore, spinosaurus had a huge advantage that the tyrannosaurus-rex did not.
A Paleontologists job is to study their dinosaur discovery, and to tell us more about this dinosaur in detailed depth, from the height, length, weight, what it ate, and how and why it perished, and so much more. According to a live science, an article written by Joseph Castro, "Spinosaurus means "spine lizard," an appropriate descriptor...

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...tion whether or not a spin lizard with seven-foot long spikes sticking out of its back actually ever existed.
According to Joseph Castro, only a few Spinosaurus fossils have ever been excavated, and no complete remains have ever been dug up. The primary Spinosaurus partial skeleton was excavated in 1912 by Richard Markgraf within western Egypt (Joseph Castro, 2014). Unfortunately, these unique remains, which were portrayed and named by Ernst Stromer in 1915, were obliterated in an Allied strike against Munich, Germany, during World War II (joseph Castro, 2014). Fortunately for us, most of Stromer’s detailed sketches and notes on spinosaurus were found. It is just because of Stromer 's fastidious notes, including itemized portrayals and representations that has made it possible to recreate a full-sized skeletal model for you to see at the National Geographic Museum.

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