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Throughout Antigone by Sophocles, Creon, the ruler of Thebes, has show how he abuses his power and how he seems to think he is always right no matter what argument against his word that is in the right is brought up to him. Near the end of Antigone he finally sees the error in his ways and tries to change it but it was too late. Although Creon is somewhat likeable and worthy of respect as a character (that is, although we somewhat feel sympathy for him), Creon is largely an unsympathetic and unlikeable person.
Within the last part of Scene 5 and into the Exodus of the play, Creon sees the error of his ways and goes to bury Polyneices and free Antigone from the cave. Creon was too late to make this decision because the wild dog have ate most of Polyneices body and when he arrived at the cave he finds that Antigone killed herself. Haimon, Antigone’s was husband to be, tried to kill his father for his actions but ended up landing on his sword thus killing himself. A messenger tells Creon’s wife, Eurydice, “Haimon. Haimon is dead; and the land that killed him Is his own hand.”(Exodus.22-23) This bothers the always strong Eurydice to the point where she left without a word. This action worried the messenger and Choragos. And when Creon returns home he is told “The Queen is dead.”(Exodus.110) Creon is in disbelief as the messenger continues by stating “She stood before the altar, and her heart Welcome the knife her own hand guided.”(Exodus.120-121) Creon then saw her body laying there lifeless and cold and realized he lost his only comfort in the world and knows that it was all his fault. He shows signs that deep down he truly regrets his decision and that he actually has a heart. But by not listening to Teiresias sooner and by not maki...

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... and how Creon show heed his warning. Creon then reconsiders his actions. Showing a more concerned sensitive side. Choragos says to Creon “Go quickly: free Antigone from her vault And build a tomb for the body of Polyneices”(5.102-103)knowing that if he does not go soon Teiresias’ words will come true. At this point, one gains sympathy for Creon.
While Creon is heartless at the beginning by not seeing things from Polyneices view and jumping to assumptions that most likely are not true. And also by punishing Antigone for burying her beloved brother out of respect. In the end he gains heart but tragically he had to lose his wife and son to see his error. In all of a sense Creon had these tragedies coming for his ruthlessness. But by the end of it all you feel for him and hope that if the play continued on that he would make not only better decisions but a better ruler.

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