Creole Musicians in New Orleans and Jazz Music Essay

Creole Musicians in New Orleans and Jazz Music Essay

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“If you don’t feel it, you’ll never know it” – Louis Armstrong. Different kinds of music have been heard throughout centuries and the ever-changing sounds of music continue to appease mass audiences today and do not seem to slow down in sight. One type of genre that emerged in this case was the improvisation of black, white, and Creole musicians in New Orleans of what became known as Jazz. Jazz, which had international connections from Africa and European-derived music, emerged somewhere between 1890 and 1935 as a wide-ranging form of black expression of arts in the community, consisting of the blues and works of the spirituals. It eventually spread to other urban cities such as Chicago and New York, where similar styles were played, establishing Jazz as a popular genre in the United States. Jazz’s increase in popularity was correlated with the increase in black Southerners. Due to its increasing popularity, Jazz was received positively and gained mainstream attention as a form of music, while consisting of disparate styles. Notable and influential Jazz musicians like Louis Armstrong helped Jazz receive national attention. Different styles blended to the Jazz music. Due to its strong foundation and composition, it survived today.
The term Jazz gained notoriety in 1914 as a form of music. Before it gained attention, its origin consisted of an “African rhythmic, formal, sonoric, and expressive elements and European rhythmic and harmonic practices” (4). Jazz form included a “call-and-response pattern, repeated refrain concept, and chorus format of most recreational and cult dances” (27). The fact that these elements made the transition to early jazz and survived today showed that it had a solid foundation ...

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...onal attention. He held this widely held regard until his death in 1971. His performances in Jazz showed how beautiful the music was, and how compelling the msucial experience was through his sense of structural logic and combined superior instrumental skill. Armstrong’s music was sophisticated, virtuosic, and emotionally expressive. As a soloist, he was able to test his creative instrumental abilities, well establishing his musical identity. Armstrong stands out from the rest of the Jazz musicians in that he has “superior choice of notes and shape of his lines, incomparable basic quality of tone, incomparable sense of swing, and the subtly varied repertory of vibratos and shakes he embellishes individual notes.”
During its early days, jazz was seen as a “forward-looking art, incorporating new techniques, more expansive harmonies and melodies” ( Otherbook).

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