Essay about Credit Cards make us feel bigger and better!

Essay about Credit Cards make us feel bigger and better!

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I’ve always been fascinated on how popular culture glorifies credit cards. What fascinates me about credit cards the most is that they are so powerful that they can turn you life around and help you live the life you had always dreamed of. Credit cards appear to be an insignificant piece of plastic, but they are more powerful that what they appear to be. Owning a credit card opens up doors to different worlds, especially when you own more than one credit card. Marketers always announce the glories, convenience, and safety issues of owning a credit card, but what they never tell you is that you must be vigilant on how you use your credit card/s because you may end up stuck in a world you wish you had never entered in which your dreams all of a sudden become your worst nightmare.
It’s amazing how a credit card changes a person around and how they affect our self-esteem, especially college students and young adults. This is why college students and young adults are the main targets of marketers (USA Today 2011). Our society is all about brands, technology, latest fashion, leisure, and what luxuries we can “afford”. Our credit card/s helps us afford almost anything we want, depending on our credit line. We always want to be on top of the latest fashion and we owe this all to the billboards, TV ads, magazine ads, and basically all advertising in general that we see and hear about. And it’s no surprise that the main target for all advertising is once again college students and young adults. Before I get into more details about how credit cards influence college students and young adults I will talk about the history of credit cards and how they were integrated into our society.
Moreover credit cards were first introduced to the ...

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...t cards help us keep up with society we must remember that we are unique and special in our own way and we shouldn’t let a fashion statement or the latest technological device influence how we think and feel about ourselves or others.

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