Creativity Within Education And The Effects Of Technology On It Essays

Creativity Within Education And The Effects Of Technology On It Essays

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Creativity within Education and the Effects of Technology on It
We are all born artists, child wanderers. Then, as time goes on, we become monotone, uncurious individuals. In elementary school, most students can’t wait to get to school, can’t wait to get their heads and hands moving, and can’t wait to create something worthy. When high school hits, it’s just the opposite. Students have lost interest in school, simply waiting for the last bell to ring, skipping classes, or giving up on graduation. So what happened? Does this have anything to do with the style of high school education? How exactly does high school education affect the level of creativity in the US? In essence, education kills creativity and could modern technology be its cause?
First, let’s consider US education in general. The US has become a very wealthy and developed country compared to the rest of the world. However, it still doesn’t have one of the top education systems.
Results from the Program for International Assessments (PISA), an assessment that tests 15 year olds’ reading, math, and science skills, reported that the United States ranked 36 out of 65 countries around the world, as of the 2012 PISA poll (Sedghi, Arnett, Chalabi).
This assessment is renowned worldwide, and thus may be viewed as close to official as any ranking of global education can get (for our purposes, its credible). Of those 65 countries, places like Finland, which aren’t as economically wealthy as the U.S., have a better education system. According to a new report published by Stanford University, one of the top universities in the world,
Finland had been traditionally thought of as the lowest achieving country in Scandinavia and one of the lower achieving ones in Europe for a very l...

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...0 Mar. 2016
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