The Creativity Of Nursing : Going Beyond The Norms At The Island Across Thy Ocean Are Sailing Over

The Creativity Of Nursing : Going Beyond The Norms At The Island Across Thy Ocean Are Sailing Over

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Creativity in Nursing: going beyond the norms to provide eminent care to Pediatrics
Climb aboard mate, the pirates from the island across thy ocean are sailing over. A hiding spot must be found and found quickly! Here get in this here ship and do not move. You must be very still so the pirates do not see you. This is a real life example that could be used to make a child scared of a MRI feel more comfortable getting in the scanner. This is just one creative way that could provide adequate care in the field of pediatrics that goes beyond the average norms. Although providing adequate care to all groups is important, doctor offices and nurses alike must take actions that are more creative and be as creative as possible when providing care to pediatrics. For example, nurses should treat each patient differently and with extra care and think creatively. In addition, doctors’ offices should possess creative physical features and provide care in a unique way because healing is about more than just the usual basics.
Holistic health care is the idea of healing one as a whole instead of just healing a disease or illness. This means going beyond the textbook taught healthcare that means it often requires creativity since it views each patient individually. According to Daniel Blair, holistic healthcare can help keep the mind strong as well as the body and this can affect the patient’s emotions and their healing (Blair). By providing holistic health care into a pediatric office, children can be healed as a whole. This is important because children are young and often do not understand what is going on as well as an adult would. To a child, a shot could be the worse and most scary experience because all they know is the pain accompanie...

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... offices may be able to provide good care to adults using simple methods, the pediatric field requires more. That more is creativity. Whether it is nurses or doctors providing creative care or the creative decorations the doctor office provides, that extra mile is what defeats the everyday challenges that arise in pediatric nursing and provide the most efficient care to patients. When children are receiving efficient care, parents feel more comfortable and can in turn be relieved of stress and be happy their child is taken care of. Although adults make require creative care as well it is more important for children because they will have to attend the doctor’s office for years to come and if they are comfortable going then the healing process can begin earlier. This efficient care of children is crucial to not only the child’s health but to their lives in general.

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