Creativity is the Essence of Technology Essay

Creativity is the Essence of Technology Essay

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Creativity is the essence of technology we have today, without technology we would be without the most basic of equipment in our modern day lives. Could you imagine a life without cars, computers, and even houses? What would the world be like if it were deprived of these necessities? We have progressed to such a degree, that it seems almost unlikely that the human race will produce one more extraordinaire. However, without the thoughtful minds of thousands of inventors, our world would rapidly turn into one of bland repetition. In my opinion creativity is essential, without it, life would be routine and almost pointless after a point in time.
Since I was very young, art has been a major part of my life. I lived for creating new things, whether it was on paper, made of clay, or created from wood. Due to my dedication, I have advanced in my art and bring many people entertainment. If creativity had not been implied, no one would have enjoyed the drawings or paintings I had made. Especially in todays world where billions of people are corrupted by the internet and find no time to be...

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