Creativity Is The Act Of Turning New And Imaginative Ideas Into Reality.when

Creativity Is The Act Of Turning New And Imaginative Ideas Into Reality.when

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“The Desire to Create is one of the deepest yearnings of the Human Soul”
-Elder Utchdorf

Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.When we talk about Creativity today, each and every person you meet wants to creative or even just wants to be called creative.As intense is the want of becoming or being called Creative so intense is the misinterpretation of Creativity. Creativity is often misinterpreted as being God-Gifted talent, being lucky, being born-genius, hereditary etc. Since there is no one to guide us we merely fall into the trap of these misinterpretations and finally we end of wasting our unexposed Creative Genius lying within us. It’s same as earning billions but dying a regretful life with nothing done.

Why be creative?
The world belongs to the Creative people today.Every day our life is becoming much more comfortable, much more satisfying, much closer and much more fulfilling, we today have evolved more than in any era and all this has been possible because of those Creative People who could explore the depth of their creative ability and bring their creative ideas to life. A new era is on its way where people will be judged on the basis of their Creative ability rather than any other factors like money or power. What will be the use of money or power if it cannot be used to create something new, something fantastic that will dramatically change the way we view the world today.

So, Creativity is not like money or power which we have to acquire, it’s actually within us, there is just a need of exploring it. And it’s not an easy job, it require great commitment and patience.
Finally, I have summarized some important points why should we explore our hidden Creativity:

Exploring our ult...

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...s to be an understanding. An understanding about the cage of our own making and how we create that cage and put our creative spirit in it. An understanding of our mind, the judgments of our mind and the nature of right and wrong, pain and the gift that lies in pain, fear and the like. An understanding about an awareness which lies within the feelings of the body. We need to know we have an inner knowing and an inner awareness that is accessible in what we feel. We need to have a conscious experience of it and learn to access it and use our inner knowing in our life. We need the experience or experiences in life to have this all come together so we know the truth of it for ourselves.This book is ultimately designed to assist us in gaining this understanding and provide some methods to become a conscious creator of the experiences we have to live this alternative way.

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