Creativity in Various Art Forms Essay

Creativity in Various Art Forms Essay

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Music and other art forms often go hand in hand. Creativity is not just a one-note deal or rather it is not confined to a singular aspect or form. Oftentimes it is interlaced into many forms, such as, music, writing, artwork, fashion and much more. Like a tree, creativity grows and extends out into infinite directions rooting itself in society. One such artist is Brandon Boyd. During the day he is a contemporary artist and by night he is a singer-songwriter for an internationally recognized rock band, Incubus. Some of their songs include; “Pardon Me” form the album entitled, When Incubus Attacks Vol. 1, and “Drive, “Dig,” and “Oil and Water,” three of my favorites, from the album entitled, Monuments and Melodies and “Sad Sick Little World” from the album entitled, A Crow Left of the Murder. In a 2009 interview with CNN, Brandon said it best, when asked, “So what does art fulfill in you that you don’t get out of music?”
‘Boyd,’ to me, it's like the difference between a pen and a paintbrush. Music draws from almost the identical place as art does, which really is that intangible -- it's like you're pulling from the ether. I don't know where it comes from. Nobody really does. It sort of arrives when it wants to…I've been painting and drawing and taking pictures as long as I've been writing music -- and I've actually been drawing longer than I've been writing music. I didn't go around looking for it. It kind of found me.
Brandon Boyd is the perfect example of creativity that spans into other art forms.
Contemporary art is defined as, “The art of the late 20th and early 21st century…” This, according to, along with this passage, “…[B]oth an outgrowth and a rejection of modern art . As the force and vigor of abst...

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