Creativity in Recycling Essay

Creativity in Recycling Essay

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Trash is not something we think about every day, but managing waste has long-term environmental and economic consequences that can’t be ignored. Since 1960, the amount of waste generated in America has nearly tripled. Our society, including consumers, corporations and governments, must think proactively about reducing our impact on the environment. Although recycling has been embraced by much of the American population, many changes need to be made in the near future to keep up with the increased population which, in turn, creates more garbage and trash. Americans should continue to recycle, but should also make better choices about the products they buy, the packaging involved, and the mode of disposal. Many artists have utilized discarded objects and created artistic masterpieces. These artists, including Lee Bontecou, have inspired people through their art, as well as bringing to mind the use of “found” materials in their work. The idea of using repurposed items in artwork can be applied to activities in the classroom. Students would not only have the opportunity to create art, but would become aware of the impact everyone can have on the environment if responsible choices are made with disposable items.
There are many reasons to recycle. It conserves natural resources, saves energy, and reduces the number of landfills and the amount of methane emitted from landfills. Although many citizens choose to recycle, Americans generated 250 million tons of trash and recycled or composted only 83 million tons of material in 2008, a mere third of the generated amount (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2008). Given the increased amount of trash generated in the United States, the fact that two-thirds of our nation's waste is cloggin...

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...e world. It is an issue that affects everyone on the planet. Recycling is one solution to this ever-growing problem. It reduces the amount of material dumped into landfills, saves natural resources, provides manufacturing jobs, and most importantly, protects the environment for future generations. Educating the public is essential for recycling to be affective. Also, governments, local and national, should be mindful of the regulations they adopt will influence the success of the recycling programs. Repurposing material is another option. Artists from all over the world have incorporated found materials to create their artwork. Teachers can emulate these artists and pass on the idea to their students. The possibilities for re-purposing material bound for the trash are all around. Teachers just need to keep an open mind and use their creativity and imagination.

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