Essay on Creativity, Concepts And The Pursuit Of Research

Essay on Creativity, Concepts And The Pursuit Of Research

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Creativity, Concepts and the Pursuit of Research

In our society, the American Dream embodies innovation and the prospect of success. The drive is a culture in which everyone may flourish, and with adequate motivation, may become an integral part in striving towards cultural excellence. However, this cannot happen without reaching to the root and affecting those individuals whose future shapes one’s own: children. In cultivating their intelligence and excitement for innovation, the nation blossoms culturally and economically; so then, how are things going with the students comprising the nation 's future? Presently, children are missing something vital in their educational development that is causing them to do worse on creative thinking skills, and an overall understanding of concepts necessary to function in the real world, and researchers suggest the blame may be on the institutions and curriculums from which these children depart after graduation.
In the article “Why Johnny Can’t Fail,” Jesness illuminates the underworld of grading. He illustrates the ways in which the standards for grading are lowered and how the system created by the present educational system is not only condoning such behavior but encouraging its presence forcing teachers so either abide by them or get out. Jesness points out that one of the most insidious aspects of this is the way in which people, parents, in particular, are blind to the ever growing lower competency of their children and the corrupt way in which school administrators somehow cheat these children out of a successful life. “Teachers who are willing to drop standards win the enthusiastic support of students, parents, and administrators, while those who genuinely attempt to challeng...

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...e in Jesness’s experience, but will want the challenges that come with being a student. This novel concept satiation 's Jesness’s fear of children who do not care because in the example of National Inventors Hall of Fame School, 42% of the children attending lived in poverty but still the school was once of the best concerning testing.
The impact of creativity, according to Bronson and Merryman, might be the answer to Jesness’s exasperated need to get children engaged while also having the support of staff and higher education boards. In this way, creativity breads involvement which breads better tests scores which are ultimately what the board of education wants. Creativity might also alleviate the issue with state testing because it breeds critical thinking skills needed in testing environments, unlike the current system of memorization and regurgitating facts.

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