Essay about Creativity And Human Relations : Creativity

Essay about Creativity And Human Relations : Creativity

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Creativity and Human Relations
Creativity in the workplace is a crucial element in the success of an organization. I chose this topic to explore more in depth because of its importance in our business world today. Lamberton and Minor (2014) define creativity as the ability to create ideas, or solutions to problems, that are unique, appropriate, and valuable (p. 234). A high level of employee creativity can be linked to a more productive and lucrative business.
Perception and Creativity
Perception is the way an individual sees the world. Everyone’s perception is different. Therefore, creativity can be influenced by an individual’s perception. Creativity in most organizational settings is typically carried out in groups. Groups can affect the creative process because each person has their own beliefs about how things should be done. This is referred to as the collective habits of thought (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). If this has an impact on a group’s creativity, then each individual in the group has to have an open mind and be willing to see everyone’s perspective. An exercise the group can perform is perspective taking. This provides a better understanding of everyone’s viewpoint in the group. Hence, helping the group members make use of their differences in perspective to reframe the situation, this can give alternative ways to approach a problem, facilitating the search for creative solutions (Jain et al., 2015).
The Creative Process
The creative process is how creativity helps to develop ideas and create solutions (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). During the 1920’s Graham Wallas defined four steps in the creative process. Step one is perception and preparation (Lamberton & Minor, 2014). This step refers to how each membe...

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...acle was actually a positive change. We can also increase our creativity by spending time with creative people. I have found that the most creative people at work are the ones that are the most positive. They can turn any issue into a positive outcome or find the lesson to be learned. Therefore, the people we surround ourselves with can be a great influence on our creativity.
In conclusion, the creative process is vital for individuals, groups in organizations, and the organization as a whole. Group creativity will arise when each team member shares their perspective, knowledge, and unique skills. By working in groups, organizations will be encouraging creativity, therefore, promoting problem solving. Creativity in the workplace will always be an important dynamic in any type of business ultimately affecting the success or failure of an organization.

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