Creativity : A High Level Of Creativity

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In recent years, with the boom of jobs in the business and technology fields, an alarming shortcoming has become apparent in new workers and employees: a blatant lack of creativity. Because of the advantages a high level of creativity affords workers, this sudden lack of creative thinking in the workforce has caused employers to develop a sense of worry due to the potential ramifications this may have on their business. As a result of this worry, much brainstorming has been done on how to solve this creativity problem. Chief among the ideas for improving people’s creativity is the idea of implementing a class in school that focuses solely on creative thinking. Because this idea has gained traction in public discussions, there are bound to be two sides of the argument. While some believe that a creativity class should be immediately implemented into school because of the potential advantages it will afford students in the future, others oppose the creation of such a class due to the belief that creativity cannot be taught. Because of the importance of having a creative mind, this is a topic that needs further discussion before a reasonable and logical conclusion can be reached. In order to effectively dissect both sides of the argument, it is best for the supporters and detractors of a creativity class to examine this contentious argument as one. By doing this, it is assured that only the best ideas will be considered, and it increases the chance of both sides reaching a compromise. In addition to this, both sides only want what is best for the kids of America. They both want the future of America to be as bright as possible. By examining this creativity class argument together, it is assured that the result of the argument is th... ... middle of paper ... its main idea coming from the fact that creativity greatly benefits other aspects of life, this potential solution has gained traction in discussions. However, this is not a viable solution. Because of the financial constraints it would put on core classes, such as math, english, and science, as well the notion that creativity is a trait that one is born with, not a skill that can be acquired, other options must be considered. While the two sides disagree on the establishment of a creativity class, those that support the creation of such a class and those that oppose it both agree that creativity is a skill that is very advantageous. In addition to this, both sides want the best education system with the most resources possible for today’s youth. Therefore, it are these similarities in thought that will continue to drive the creativity class argument for some time.

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