Creative Writing: Two Teachers

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Two Friends
“Hey! Allison! Do you want to go to the Comic-Con with me?” My friend Dora said. Last year, Dora invited me to go to the San Diego Comic-Con. He couldn’t wait to go there because he was really excited and prepared for it for a whole month. However, when I asked my other friend Mike if he wanted to go with us, he was lethargic and answered me with his narrowed eyes, “No, Ally. I don’t want to go. I prefer to watch the video of comic-con with my cat at home.” Even though I have known Dora and Mike for over three years, sometimes I’m still curious about how they became friends because they are really different. While Dora and Mike are similar that they are both my close friends, they are different in many ways, and the most intriguing are their differences in personalities and interest.
The first difference between Dora and Mike is their personalities. Dora is a cheerful person, and he is good at making a cheerful atmosphere. Every time when our friends stay with him, we feel relaxed and happy because he always tells funny stories and makes us laugh. Furthermore, I’m affected (PASS) by his optimistic attitude, and he makes me temporarily forget my troubles. Dora also likes to help people. For instance, I can directly ask him if I need help. I trust him because he tries his best to help me every time. Unlike (CONTR) Dora, Mike is an introvert. Sometimes he looks like a lone ranger because of his shyness. He just wants (INF) to be alone and doesn’t want to talk to people. For example, once Dora invited him to go to a big party. Mike was nervous because he had to stay with many people who he didn’t know (ADJCL), and he went home before the party started. He is an unconfident person because he always does something by himself. Since I knew he seldom asks for help, sometimes I offer to help him because he is my friend, and I knew him. He always blushes and says thanks to me in a low voice. Based on these reasons, because of the opposite personalities, Dora and Mike are really different, and Dora is more outgoing than Mike.
The second difference between Dora and Mike is their interests.

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Dora’s hobby is performance. For example, when we went to the Comic-Con last year, he brought a lot of unique clothes with him. Even though some of them were extremely weird, he still wanted to show them in front of everyone. He imitated the typical comic character which was his favorite figure. He not only used his body language to perform, but also showed many expressions. As Dora thought of himself as a real superman, he enjoyed his performance very much. Because Dora is interested in performance, whenever he goes to a party, he is persuaded to sing a song by his friends (PASS) because everyone knows that he loves singing in front of friends. Due to the fact that he is a perfect singer, the party livens up when he begins singing, and people would like to join in. The place is filled with the sound of music. In contrast, (CONTR) Mike is interested in doing (GER) creative work alone. He seems to have a gift for creating something. To illustrate, he stays at his room and locks the door to paint most of the time except in the school. He is really quiet when he draws something with all his imagination and creativity. Although he doesn’t want to show his works before he finish, the painting which he creates is truly colorful and fantastic. Mike likes to write his novel is another example of creativity. He serializes many detective novels online, and he is expert in describing the characters and the details of his story. Many readers love him because he is creative and mysterious. As you can see, Dora is not nearly as similar as Mike because of their distinct interests.
Personalities and interests are the most absorbing differences between Dora and Mike. Dora is more extroverted, and Mike prefers to stay alone. Because they are quite complementary, they could build strong friendship, and they are more and more important to each other. After the Comic-Con, Dora brought a lot of souvenirs for Mike, and when Mike used his indolent voice to call Dora to come to his house and played the video games, Dora was happy and promised that he would come on time.

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