Creative Writing: The Necklace

Creative Writing: The Necklace

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Well, my story starts the same way that everyone else's does, creation. Only the way that I was created was probably a lot different to the way that you or anyone else was. I was created in a silversmith. Parts of me were dug out of the earth melted or cut and eventually all put together, in a way that someone wanted me. Therefore, unlike you, when I was created, people knew exactly what they were getting.

I am also probably much older than you are and your parents, and maybe even your grandparents. Have you guessed what I am yet? I am a necklace.

My first owner was a nice charming young girl I was a gift for her 16th birthday. When I was first taken out of my case and put around her neck I had the most exhilarating I was hardly ever taken off unless she was sleeping or bathing. I met all of her boyfriends, I went to all of her schools, all her interviews, pretty much everywhere. She was a very happy child. Her name was Tracy Bronstein.

Tracy?s father owned Bronstein & Co. I am not sure they did or made but I know it was a big and successful company. Tracy?s mother was a film star. She was away a lot but so was Tracy so I don?t think she minded much.

Tracy lived a normal rich girl?s life. She married another rich man, she also had three children, two girls and a boy. They too all lived similar lives to her. Sadly, eventually Tracy developed a heart condition and died. I, being one of her most prized possessions, was left to her grandchild that looked after her when she was sick. She was told never to take it off. The grandchild?s name was Jane Bronstein.

Part 2- Jane

Grandma died today. I know she was sick, very sick indeed, bit it still hurts. I guess I can take comfort in the fact that she?s not in pain anymore. I don?t believe in God or anything like that as my family does. My mom, Charlotte says that she?s in a better place now. I guess she?s right. I am really going to miss her. The last thing she said to me was, ? Never take this off.?

She ten handed me the necklace. It is a very nice necklace and I am so scared to doing something to it I don?

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t even play with it around my neck. My mom tells me that it was a present for her 16th birthday. This means that it?s nearly 100 years old. I am glad that Grandma lived a long and happy life.

Anyway, I guess that?s enough about Grandma. My name is Jane Bronstein. I have the sort of life most kids my age dream about. I go to all the right schools, I have all the right connections, and it?s all to do with my father?s company which my brother will inherit when my dad dies. My father, Harold York owns Bronstein & Co. Just like my grandma?s father. Only Father is the first non- Bronstein ever to own it. Now this is because everyone else in the family already owns a big successful company or is happily married to a rich man. I wonder how my life is going to end up.
I wonder how my life is going to end up.

Part 3- Daniel

There really isn?t much to be said about me. I live in what some people might call a Ghetto. I am the one in my class that is expected to go to university. That?s right, the only one. I?ve done some pretty messed up shit in my time, but in this neighbourhood that is kind of the expectation of us.

Very few people actually graduate high school. If I go to university (or just ?uni? as it?s called around here) you can get a job anywhere in the town. You don?t need to get a degree, you could be kicked out, you just need to go. There are two rich families in this town that?s it. They own more land than the rest of us put together though. I see that they are building a new home over on that side of town. Probably some rich black family. They all are now-a-days, or they always have been. They all live lives that we want and I guess they know that. Then again what are we going to do? I am the only one of my friends that?s figured out that, yes I am white bit if I work hard I can be just as rich as any of those black people. Maybe even more rich. I?ve been saving my whole life to go to university to study law. I like debates and I like reading. I have already started reading some of the case files. Some of them can quite interesting, others you know exactly what is going to happen and it is like a really bad Disney movie. I sometimes don?t understand the world I live in today. Why am I criticized for being who I am? People always think it?s a waste of time to work as hard as I do. If we all worked hard would we all be successful?

Part 4- Jane

My father died the other day. There is still the money and everything and my brother was ready to take over the company but Mom is taking it really badly. She has said that we are moving today. It?s a very long journey to the new town that we are going to live in. I looked it up on the internet and it seems like that is a town with a lot of poor people in it. In some ways I want to be like them. No more parties, no more any thing that I don?t like. I don?t think they realize how lucky they are. I have also picked out a school that I want to go to. I don?t want to go to one of these private schools with all of the rich children in them where no one cares about school because there parents make enough money for them to live off of even after they die. I have people packing all of my stuff and putting it in a truck. There is a long trip to get there. I have talked to Mom about me going to a public school and I don?t think she really cares about anything at the moment. She is going to use our servant to sort everything out and just up her pay. Why does the whole world revolve around money.

* * *

Well, at last I am in my new town and it is exactly as I thought it would be. There are about 4 other rich people that live in this town. The house is even more amazing than the last one thought. My room looks over the ground which seem to go on forever. I asked Mom what she thought of the house and all she says is
?uh? yes?
?Mom are you sure that you are OK?? I said
?uh? yea?
And all conversations continue much the same. I will go to my new school for the first day tomorrow. It is a public school and I am sure that I wont be there long. After Mom comes to her senses she will take me out straight away. I am really nervous. I have never even looked through a fence at a public school before.

Part 5- Daniel

I went to school today and everything seemed normal until I saw the new girl. She is obviously a member of the new rich family in town. If she wanted to fit it she went the absolute wrong way about it. She came in wearing Armani. Of all of the things that she must have she had to wear Armani. I could tell that she felt like an idiot. A part of me felt sorry for her. She must have done something really bad to be here. My friends were all really horrible to her. Matt went up to her and said
?You look a bit lost, shouldn?t you be with one of your other spoiled rich bratty friends.?
?Your out of order? I said to him ?you don?t know her story.?
?Listen bruv, you is either with me or against me, spoiled bitches like her aint got no place in this shit hole.?
?fine I?m with you?
?Oi bruv you is posh.?
?whatever, I am going to class.?
As I walked down the halls I watch the new rich girl. I eventually learned that her name is Jane. As I watched her I realized that there was something missing. It wasn?t something material as it was obvious that she had everything she could want. She looked unhappy. My guess was that she had recently lost a close family member, a mother or father, brother or sister.
She was in most of my classes and she is my new science partner. She didn?t say much to me just got on with the work.

Part 6- Necklace

Today was Jane?s first day of public school. I?m not sure if she liked it or not. Many people stared at her. There was this one boy who seemed to follow her around all day as though he were trying to figure her out. I don?t think that she belongs there. She didn?t even make any new friends.

To make her day even worse than it was already, when she came home she found her Mother kissing some guy in the kitchen. I had never seen this guy before and neither had she. When Jane?s mother realized she was home she simply said ?O, hello dear, I didn?t expect you home so soon.?

Jane immediately began to cry and ran up to her room. She couldn?t believe her mother. She had replaced her dad so soon after he died. There were many thought in her head still about what the other kids thought of her at school. She looked like an unhappy rich kid and in this town everyone seems to think that money will eventually equal happiness. I know that this is unfair but it?s the people in this town they don?t even try anymore.

* * *
Part 7- Jane

I have some friends now and I am getting used to the idea that mom was able to move on a lot more quickly than I was. His name is James Nelson and he seems ok. He is making an effort to get along with me. He is nothing like my old dad and I guess in a way that helps.

I have friends at school now. There names are Iain, Laura and Vicky. They all seem like really nice people and they stay over at my house sometimes. I will never forget the first time that they came over to my house. That creepy guy at school still looks at me sometimes and it only creeps me out a little now.

* * *

My mom has just told me that her and James are getting married. She simply sat me down in our living room and said ?I know you will probably get very mad at me for doing this and believe me when I say I have put a lot of thought into this but?? and continued on and on as soon as she started talking I knew exactly what she was going to say.
I have never seen her so nervous. I have told her that I am perfectly fine with it as long as I get to be a bridesmaid at their wedding and get to help them plan it. She said that was fine. I will also get to spend two months on my own while they go on honeymoon. I will get my friends to spend as much time here as they can to I don?t get too lonely in this big house.

Part 8- Daniel

Me and my boys overheard Jane talking to her friends about her mom getting married again and them going away for a couple of months. This gave my boys ideas. They wanna go into her house and steal everything that is worth something. I don?t think it?s worth it because she have gone through a lot. At least I think she has. They want me to actually go in the house and steal things and then give them to the boy outside. It isn?t that risky if I get caught because her parents wont be home. I think I should do it. I might not get into university or if I?m lucky the police will let me off because they all know me well enough to let me just go and get on with my life. As I said earlier I am the only person in my class that is meant to graduate and go to university.

* * *
I have decided that I am definitely going to go through with it. I have decided that I will get away with it and I will be able to sell of the things we sell to help pay for college. I have to get the money from some where and I can?t be bothered with trying for a scholarship.

Part 9- Jane

Today is the wedding. I am going to go and be the bride?s maid and put a smile on for my mom but this is one of the most painful days of my entire life. Its not fair! Why does she have to get married again? I thought once would be enough. I guess not. As long as they don?t have any children I will be able to live with the idea of having a step dad. I guess he seems ok. My mom seems happy and after my dad died I didn?t think I would ever see her this happy again.

I cant believe that they are going away and leaving me in this house for a whole two months. It?s such a big house and I am really nervous about getting a little lonely. I will invite my friends over a lot while they are away, Mom has already said that it would be ok.

Part 10- Necklace

The wedding was great. There was lots of cake and everyone drank a little too much. I don?t think that Jane enjoyed it much though. She tried to look happy for her mom and I don?t think that her mom noticed how unhappy she was. The have left now for a whole two months. It is going to get really lonely in this big house. My friends are staying here tonight because they couldn?t go home until morning because they had a little to much to drink at the after party.

I think that the boys are up to something but I am not sure what it is. I hope it is nothing to do with Jane. I don?t think that I can deal with anything else right now.

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