Essay on Creative Writing: The Flu Virus

Essay on Creative Writing: The Flu Virus

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The flu virus has spread throughout the building, there were children shivering in the arms of their mothers, anxious fathers and frightened medics. As the President, Tom Mason had very little help to offer; they were under-staffed with the outside world only glimpsing at their troubles. When the first child commenced to cough blood, Lourdes Delgado snapped. Storming down the corridors, every man stepped out of the way as she barged into the royal office. The startled gasps did very little to hinder her confidence.
“We have coughing blood.”
There was an uncomfortable cough behind her, the meeting halted. “Excuse me young lady, we are in the middle of a meeting.” The patronising remark came from elder general that she had not met before, there were judgemental eyes peering through those dusty glasses as his burly shoulders straightened. However, the Hippocratic Oath had not taught her to be zealously intimidated by strangers; or any person for that matter.
“Look at this.” She held up her right hand, for all the military to behold. The palm of her hand was stained with a blackened re...

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