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Creative Writing The Fall Essay

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My Dearest Mary Doe,

I pray this letter finds you in better health and bliss than I am here in Egypt, for I miss you dearly. Begging on my knees, I apologize profusely for being lax in my writing since you journeyed to Syria, but the past few days have been exceedingly hard and full of grief and personal weakness. In the past as you know, I have always looked forward to completing my training as an Egyptian warrior and first combat. This letter will cover the completion of my training and Captain of the Pharaoh’s army with pomp and the start of my manhood. The first detestable and repulsive fight with the Romans, and the Second and most traumatic fight and the corner-stone of our destruction.

[4] Beginning my leadership, as a captain of Pharaoh’s army was strenuous, yet rewarding. [5] After completing my training, I was presented a magnificent Khopesh, named Sekhemib, as a token of my exemplary work and was also made captain over half of the Pharaoh’s army. [2] At sundown when Khonsu first rises over the wavy golden sand dunes, I traveled to the sacred temples and there dedicated my life to the glorious gods. [6] May they reign forever! I prayed to Horus that every following battle would be a vivacious victory and that I would live to watch Egypt rule and conquer the world. Later the next morning, I patrolled the edge of the city in my chariot and noticed an obvious lack of outward defenses, which are vital during an attack. [3] Immediately I reported this disturbing news to the Pharaoh, but the old fool would not heed my concerns and brushed me off like a fly from a camel. [1] I stormed back to my dwellings but I noticed a feeling of tightness, a storm brewing on the horizon as the clouds became dark and fore...

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... leader ordered a retreat and they fell back and sprinted out of the city without pursuit. [6] We barely won that combat. No celebration enraptured the city, no cries of delight, no feast or lanterns that night, for our loss outnumbered our grief as the blood of our bravest flowed unwittingly through the streets. Burying the people, tears flooded my eyes and hate boiled in my heart against the Romans who mercilessly hacked down anyone in sight and even know my heart is heavy with anguish as I write this knowing that our beautiful city will be overrun. Tomorrow we will charge into battle and this time none will come back to the widows and children in the street, tomorrow I fear our worst nightmares will come true. Tomorrow Egypt will fall. With heavy heart I write to you, about the second battle which was hardly won but innocent lives were snuffed in the process.

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