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“That’s so…. Exciting Kait, good for you,” Jennifer says in an unimpressed and uninterested tone. We’d been best friends since before high school, but now that we’ve gone our separate ways in the wake of college, I’ve seen how unsupportive she really is. I had just finished telling her about the tickets I’d bought to Melanie Nguyen’s show, which is much later tonight. Fancy recitals had never been Jennifer’s “thing”—as she often so eloquently put it—and so I nearly always had to go alone, no matter who was playing or singing. I put my hand over the microphone in my cell and let out a quiet little sigh of disappointment,
“Yea, I know that Melanie Nguyen isn’t your favorite artist. Do you still think you can make it?” I asked, raising my spirits a tiny bit in hope she’ll come and prove she’s still my friend.
“I…uh, no I don’t think I can. Alex has got this thing he’s going to, his parents are going to be there and he invited me. I really don’t want to let them down. I’ll talk to you later Kait, have fun at the show. You should ask Xavier if he can go. Bye.” Jennifer says all in one breath, and before I could get a word out a faint click signaled the end of our conversation. I sighed again, this time louder as I tuck my phone in my pocket, the raised spirit of friendship falling down into a pit in my stomach where it belongs. As I think, I scuttle around my apartment, attempting to tidy up the already-spotless rooms. When I’m sure there’s nothing else to clean, I collapse onto the end of my bed and raise my wrist up to my face. Eight hours and thirty-six minutes ‘till show time, according to my watch. That’s so long when I have no cleaning to do.
I sit up on my bed and cross my legs, thinking about the last thing Jennifer said, ‘yo...

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...ife. I stand and bow, and I walk off the stage, probably grinning like a lunatic. Backstage some people—Melanie’s people I assume—try to stop me but I rush straight through them to find Xavier again. When I do he wraps his arms around me and spins me around, “You did outstanding, Kait. I’m pretty sure you just blew Melanie out of the water! Everyone loves you!” I smile and thank him as we duck through the crowd. He drives me home and I can do nothing but go on and on about the rush I’m feeling! Xavier tries his best to calm me down, but there’s no possible way! I sang for thousands of people and they loved me! When we reach my apartment, Xavier walks me up and gives me a hug goodbye. After I have finally calmed down, I lean against my kitchen table with that crazy smile on my face and think to myself, I’ve just had my very own prince and the pauper experience.

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