Creative Writing: ShinDong High School

Creative Writing: ShinDong High School

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School was normal at ShinDong High. This school is filled with the varieties of many different kinds of people, here are the the so called people:

Queenkas and Kingkas

It was currently lunch. The halls were now filled with the many students as they rushed over to the cafeteria. Their favorite period was lunch. This is because lunch is filled with entertainment, day by day, week by week, month by month, and year my year. Entertainment is a tradition at lunch which was created by none other, than the past Queenkas and Kingkas.

Over at their table, there was a commotion that was rather loud. However, this commotion is nothing surprising since they had always had a meeting to decide the entertainment for today. Every day, it gets crueler and crueler. They did anything and everything that would be pleasing to them, not caring of the toys they had made a joke of.

They were truly the Queens and Kings of ShinDong High.

Choi Seunghyun, was the far most cruel King.

"Yah, make your damn move already! You, no we have been waiting weeks for the publicity and timing, so get your butt over to her table!" One of the infamous Kingkas had just said.

"Whatever. Just watch Jiyong." Seung Hyun, the leader of the infamous group that is known school wide, was now approaching the "NERD" table.

"Hey, you."

This girl, or rather be called as nerd, was eating her lunch in peace, but it had all changed when she made the biggest mistake of her life by turning around. She stupidly turned around, not knowing of the consequences that will punished towards her in the future.

The infamous leader of the Kings was there, in a rather shy pose. "Umm, hi," he said in a shy tone.

"I know this is sudden but I have liked you since forever, so would you like to be my girlfriend?" He added his killer smile, which made his entire fan club faint from the background view.

She had the HUGEST crush on Seunghyun since she laid eyes on him. So when Seunghyun had asked her out, she more than happy to say so. "YES! I would love to be your girlfriend, Seung Hyun."

Let alone of the fact, nothing goes your way in life. They then headed out to the yard, to get to know more about each other. As she was walking out, she had a feeling that was entirely new to her.

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It was not a rather a warm feeling, but instead, a very mysterious feeling. She had just shrugged it off of her.

Her instincts had warned her, but she was already in too deep.

After her first date with Seunghyun, also known as the King, she had immediately gone home to call her best friend, Kwon Yuri. She had been one of the prettiest girls at the school, yet, she had chosen to be the best of friends with this nerd. She had always been there, but nothing was the way it seemed.


"YURI! I am dating Choi Seunghyun of my dreams, I swear, he is the nicest boyfriend ever. Want me to hook up one of his friends with you?" The nerd had spoken with such happiness, that she had missed the important sign, her 'friend' had sent towards her.

"Hmph. No thanks, I am fine staying single. I got to go now, good night!" Yuri had then hung up.

Her 'best friend' had smirked at the nerd and had hung up as soon as possible, but she was too stupid and oblivious to the fact, her friend is nothing the way she sees her.

Days had passed, and everyday stares of anger, envy, and digust were shot at her.

Not to mention, her 'best friend' had been avoiding her, and have not answered her when the nerd had called her during the nights.

One month later...

"Seung Hyunnie!~ Our favorite dish is here! Yanggeng!" She had spoke with such happiness and skipped her way towards her 'boyfriend' while feeling rather oddly.

Seung Hyun turned around and was thinking. "Umm, hold on....dear. Give me a couple minutes."

When he had spoken the word 'dear', rather than her name, she had felt rather odd and depressed because of that. She had just thought her mind was just going through a stage because of school.

Three seconds later...

"I am so, truly sorry for ending it this way, well actually not so much." When he had spoken the word 'end', her heart just crumbled into a million pieces, she had finally realized the fact, her instincts were always right. Also, to make matters worse, he had announced the fact he had never cared for her.

"It was just a game for money, little girl. You were played. Oh, and by the way, you might want to change your tastes, because that favorite dish of yours, is rather salty and not to mention fat. Fatness doesn't really help you lose weight, which you need. Ha." He left with a proud smirk.

Soon his friends were piling up from behind the bushes and left with him. She hadn't really noticed them there, let alone the fact they knew it all along. When she was about to run home, she had heard of voice that made her stop right in her tracks.

"Oppa~ You should be more considerate to her, she is after all, my best friend. Or in this case, ex- best friend. But anyway, I got my apartment ready! My parents are away so the coast is all clear!!!"

She had turned around, to be shocked at the sight in front of her, even though, she told herself to not believe the voice her head had turned around to face the cold, dying truth.

Kwon Yuri... She turned on me.

'I am a fool to them and to myself, right now. They had been watching me behind my back, played me, and then threw me away. I really feel so regretful, in meeting Kwon Yuri and accepting Choi Seunghyun's request.'

She ran all the way home, which was a good half an hour run, and not to mention the tears spilling out of her eyes nonstop. No one had tried to help her, as she ran and ran. They had just pitied her, her classmates smirked at the sight of her like that, as though she deserved it, and let alone the fact her life was going come crashing down in a matter.

When she had finally arrived home, and opened the door. Her eyes must have been fooling her, or maybe the pain from all the crying finally had an effect, because she thought she had seen a trail of blood leading from the living room towards the small kitchen. She had then foolishly followed the blood trail which lead to a body soaked in a pool of blood. She had then carefully lifted the body's head, as she feared her thoughts and perceptions being correct. For once in her life, she had wished she wasn't as smart as she was right now.


"UMMA! ANSWER ME! IT'S NOT A JOKE!", she shook and shook, and then she had finally made an incorrect and stupid decision.

"Oh, wait. It's just a dream. It's time to wake up my little pea-brain, wakie, wakie! Maybe if I smash it against the floor. Was that my brain or the floor?"

She had then fainted, but she had fainted with a smile, hoping it was all a dream.

A couple of hours later...

She had finally awakened from her state of immobility. "What a messed up dream. Whew. Umma what's for din-" Her eyes had then landed on the body, she had feared and feared of being soaked in blood.

The body which belonged to her mother, was soaked in a pool of blood. She then saw a pen on the kitchen floor, which was also soaked in the blood which belonged to her the woman she had loved and admired all her life.

She slowly trudged her feet towards the counter, and then tried her best to gather up the rest of her energy to stand up, even though her head had pained and pained. She had then reached for the bloody note and regretfully read it.

"Dear my beloved daughter,

Honey, I can't take the pain anymore. My body is aching more and more every day, not to mention sometimes I can't even breathe. Death was the only choice. I had chosen it over my love for you, I am sorry for that. I just can't live like this.
Don't worry though. Your appa, who was dead to us, will be coming from Japan to pick you up. The only reason I left him is because he is a mafia leader, as he is known. He will be here within two days, please pack up dear. I will never forget you, and I will forever love you.
Your pained Umma

‘This is all wrong’ She thought since her life came crashing down that day.

Goodbye Korea, hello Japan.

Two years later...

She is back from Japan. Her current life in Japan was tiring. She was going to stay here in South Korea, for a year or two. And start a new life for a timing of 2 years.

However, she is different.

Way different.

She now has the life of a mafia leader's daughter.

She is much more beautiful now, without the need of surgery. Still keeping high marks even though her life was constantly being soaked in blood. And not to mention the fact, she's a murderer now. They all died under her bloody, merciless hands.

Her life was changed the day everything turned on her.
And now she will turn on them.

But she is burdened, no, pained. However, her face shows no emotion of happiness or those in which a normal person would have, whatsoever. Emotions was something she was deprived of over the years. When she left ShinDong, she left her original life.

She is Han Ji Yoon.

She is planning to have a normal person's life for 2 years at most.

She will be going back to ShinDong High, where all those wretched memories were created. However, this time, she came back to get rid of them. As she was walking to her new life in Korea, her eyes managed to be laid on him, he was still a jerk, a player who was now breaking the heart of another innocent girl, not to mention the humiliation.

He was still in ShinDong, but this time, the ball is in her court now.

"Choi Seung Hyun. You never cease to amaze me." As she turned around with a devious smirk.
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