Creative Writing: My Love for Zane Essay

Creative Writing: My Love for Zane Essay

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I fell in love with his voice.
I fell in love with his fragrance.
I fell in love with his humour.
I fell in love with this feeling I have for him.
I fell in love with him.

My heart got a language now and my eyes got dreams. In love, my life got its meaning.
I called mum that night and told her how I liked Zane. Mum was ecstatic to know, I have fallen in love. She believes I should tell Zane what I will for him.

I decided to tell Zane how I felt for him.
I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was afraid, what if he doesn’t feel the same way as I do.

I woke up quite late the next morning.
I had pain in my head. Maybe because I didn’t have enough sleep. I got ready and had breakfast.
Although I wasn’t feeling well I still decided to go out, because it was our second last day in Rome.
We all went for our last tour.
We stopped half way through to get something to eat.

I stayed in the bus. I wanted to tell Zain but don’t know exactly how to.
He sat beside me.

“do you want anything to eat ?” he asked
“ no thanks” I said

It was the two of us only in the bus. I thought this might be the best time to tell him.

“I need to tell you something.” I said
“yeah, about what ?”
“about us”
I was shaking because I was so nervous.

“Us ?”
“Zane, I have fallen in love with you”

He paused for a moment

“I’m not the right person to fall in love with.” He said
“yes you are” I said
“Don’t come close to me Maya, one day this love will destroy you.”
“ I am ready to take any risk. I will give up this world, to be near you”
“How can you love me so much ? How could anyone love someone so much ?

Our conversation was left there.

When we reached to our hotel, everyone packed up their...

... middle of paper ...

...cover agent.” He said in his last breath

“Zane, I’m sorry. I love you.”
“Zane ? Zane ? ZANNEE !!
He stopped breathing.

“Papa please wake up. Mummy papa’s heart is not beating. Tell papa to wake up mummy.” He broke down in tears

I saw his Zane’s blood froze in the ice.
I lost him, once again. This time in front of my own eyes. I’ve not even spent enough time with him.

Just after Zane died, the army force came and shot the terrorists.

1 year later

A few months after Zane died, I found out Danyal has cancer. He needed a bone marrow, but couldn’t find the right match.
He died after a year.

I am not the same person anymore and won’t ever be. Life has never been kind to me. When something good happens, something bad always happens after that. AND it gets worst each time.

I’ve only got dad with me now. I know one day I will be alone.

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