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Chapter One

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The sun shone on my back as I rolled over in my soft bed and tried to wake up to enjoy my last few moments of freedom before school.

“It’s too early!” I heard my big brother Tom yell into his pillow. Man, did I wish our house had more insulation.

“Skye, come out here, we have something for you.” I huffed and rolled out of bed, only realizing my covers were tangled after getting caught between my 3ft bed and the carpet. And so it begins, I thought, pulling myself out of a mess of a duvet and sheets.

I entered the kitchen and stumbled over the threshold, like I did every morning, and plopped down in the chair across from my brother sipping at my orange juice.

“Your uncle sent some letters,” my mother said, clearly lost in thought while setting a pile of envelopes near my bagel, “all of them were addressed to you.” My brow furrowed, I only have two uncles, one who doesn't seem to know I exist, and one who is in prison for theft. Yeesh, I thought, what is wrong with my family?

“ Which one?” I asked taking another sip of Orange Juice.

She hesitated, “ uncle (Fill),”

WAIT A MINUTE! My brain screamed at me. I inhaled, instantly regretting it and in the process choking on the orange juice until my father threatened to perform the heimlich.

“The one in PRISON?!” I rasped, still not fully recovered from the pulp-filled drink.

“....Yes…” my mother whispered, lost in thought.

Chapter Two

I absent-mindedly pulled my comb through a dark strand of auburn hair. Questions buzzed about my head; Why does a criminal suddenly want to make contact? Why only with me and not my dad (his brother)? Why did the prison even let him send these?.............. Do I reply? NO! Do I even read them? Yes.

A yell origina...

... middle of paper ... out Will would just stop the gag.

You can stop the charade now!

A few minutes later and I was freaking. There was no response, not even an indication he had read it. And he was crazy about his phone ever since he got it. I ran into my parents bedroom and started shaking my father profusely. He rolled over and blinked.

“Skye?” he asked, voice dampened by sleep. “What’s the matter?”

“I think something bad happened to Will!” I cried.

“Calm down…. What happened? Did you have a nightmare?”

“Will’s in danger!” I was sobbing now.

“No, honey, he’s fine. We’re all fine. Go back to bed.”
“No!” I started seeing speckles, and it sounded as if my voice was under water. The sensation of falling into two muscular arms breaking my fall instead of the floor surprised me. I then heard a faint and burbled What the?...... Before losing my already loose grip on consciousness.

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