Creative Writing: Heavenly Pills Essay

Creative Writing: Heavenly Pills Essay

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It was a Friday, I remember that day as if it was yesterday, I remember going to the restroom so I`d fix my makeup, there I heard a girl yelling in one of the bathroom stalls about how “she usually pays” I don’t know what was happening there, and all of a sudden, a girl came out of a stall and grabbed my shoulder, she was about 3 inches shorter than me with black hair and piercings, her eyes were red, she opened her mouth to talk but nothing came out, then she asked “hey please girl, I know we don’t know each other but please I beg you all I need is 15 bucks, please I have no money left, I need money I promise I`ll give you back your money really soon please” I looked at her pleading in front of me, she was about to cry, as if those 15 dollars were a life or death material, little did I know. I thought the same cliché way that anyone would think of I thought of the normal “she got bullied by another girl and had to give her money so she`d leave her and then she realized that she needs money for lunch or else she`ll starve” I nodded and said in a soft yet a scared voice “okay, give the money back whenever you want to” I handed her money, she looked very pleased and happy she ran back to the one of the stalls, about 5 minutes later she came out with another woman, both of them had brown carton boxes. I wondered what would the boxes contain, and the curiosity killed the cat, I don’t remember what was going on. I just remember that I was following the girl; I wanted to know what did she buy. I had so many questions to ask. I placed my ears on the door in order to hear what was going on, I heard nothing, just the voice of a box getting opened. I decided to do something I never thought I`d do, I opened the door. I saw the girl ...

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...d the answers. After putting me in jail for about 7 days the policemen sent me to rehab. I had to recover; I had to get my life back on track. They put me in a rehab center for about 6 months there I met a lot of people that taught me a lot of stuff, they taught me love and hope and faith. Most importantly they taught me that the heavenly pills are not good, they taught me that they are not my friends they are my enemy. They taught me that stupid pills would never help me they`d burn me, and turn everything into ashes. When I came out of rehab I had a new goal in life, I wanted to help people. I wanted to be like those people who helped me. Who made me who I am now, I don’t think I was ever as happy as now, I feel that right now I am infinite. Right now I rule myself and I control myself. Right now I`m the master, I`m the Queen and there is nothing that can stop me.

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