Creative Writing- Fastest Land Craft on Earth Essay examples

Creative Writing- Fastest Land Craft on Earth Essay examples

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The sand was hot, my face dripping with sweat. Taking a drink of water I looked at the vast open desert that will be below me in only a few short moments. Preparing for years on end, I stepped in and sat down. Twisting knobs and setting switches, I flipped the ignition. The giant dual engines came to life with an enormous roar with the slight hint of a whistle. Sand swept into the sky creating a wicked dust storm. “30 second to launch!!” a man behind several computer screens shouted into the headset. When the gas lever was pulled, no one was ready for what happened next.
“Time trial one is about to begin, anyone on the track should evacuate to the necessary safety area immediately! Time trial one will start in two minutes.” The loud speaker of the race course announces. Jesse Glenn, a British RAF pilot, was one of the contenders. Stepping into the rally car designated to me, I fastened myself down and flipped on the powerful engine. Revving the engine up to the start line, I said a small prayer. Staging lights turn on, then go down the tree; red – yellow – yellow – yellow – green. Tires smoking and exhaust roaring, the car takes off at incredible speed. I floored it off the line, reaching dangerously high speeds, Taking all the turns with ease. To make the team, I had to finish the track with an impressive time, so I had to go as fast as possible. Crossing the finish line, I hadn’t hit a thing. In only a few short hours, I was announced to be their driver. Over the course of a few years, money was raised, a test course was found and a driver was trained. To test a vehicle of these standards, we would need a very large, flat area. We chose the Jafr Desert. With the full cooperation of the Jordanian army, we knew we wouldn’t have...

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..., the engines can be heard as wel. The heat inside the cockpit is extremely intense, so much that a man can become dehydrated within seconds. In about 2 minutes from when I started on my way back, the chutes were deployed and finally came to a grueling stop next to the tent we kept it at. Much too far from where we initially wanted it to stop, but it is stopped safely none the less. After breaking a land speed record, This trip is finally coming to an end. The speeding for this year is over for me. Now it is time to prepare for the years to come.

Being a part of the fastest land craft on earth is an amazing feeling, being able to say I am the driver, means the world to me. Nothing will replace the time I have had so far. No one can predict what will be coming next, whether it be a new record, or breaking the sound barrier. Whatever it may be, I will be prepared.

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