Creative Writing: Behind the Red Door

Creative Writing: Behind the Red Door

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“You’re going to be late for school Brian” Shona called from the bottom of the stairs. “God what is it with this boy and his sleep” she mumbled to herself as she walked back to the kitchen. The wallpaper was beginning to peel off and the cupboard doors were uneven, all the mechanical devices had gone rusty and wouldn’t work unless you hit it or something. “This kitchen needs to be changed from head to toe” she groaned while trying to stick the bread in the toast machine, “I know love, but you know how things are at work right now” he said as he lifted his head from the Monday paper. “At the moment? For Christ sake Artemis, things have always been like this at your work, can’t you ask for a pay rise? You work a lot you know.” She suggested. It was true he did work hard, harder than all of the other workers actually. “You know I can’t, I asked for one last month, I can’t ask again that would just be down right rude.”
“She’s the one that’s rude the stingy thing” she replied, her voice getting louder and louder.
“hey cool it, I feel sorry for her you know, she’s got no one apart from her dog, every time I see her I realise how lucky I am to have you guys” he said as he walked up to hug her, just looking at her made him shiver all over. “Listen I’ll go wake Brian yeah, that would take one burden off your shoulder” he smiled and moved forward to kiss her.
“That certainly would” she said sarcastically, not returning his kiss. He moved to the stairs, took a deep breath and boomed “BRIAN ARE YOU UP YET!!!” as laud as he could,
“Yeah dad along with the rest of Manchester” Brian replied back. he hated Mondays, he hated getting up early, getting dressed early, having breakfast early, going to school early, basically anything that’s early, he hated it all. “I want to hear the five magic words Brian,” he heard his dad, much quieter this time “I’” he tried to shout back at the same time trying to squeeze in to his trousers. It had been ages since he had grown out of them and his school bag looked like it was passed from his great grandfather.
He quickly ran down the stairs “mornin’ dad” he said jumping on to his fathers arms.

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“God your getting heavy by the day” Artemis said trying to balance himself.
“And bigger look at my trousers, I need a new one” pointing to his trousers “and a new bag” he added. “Hmm, well we’ll look for a bag on Sunday at the car boot sale and can’t your mum do something about those trousers?” Artemis frowned.
“If I do they won’t be a trouser, they’ll be sleeves for a shirt” she said coming from the kitchen with a sandwich “here’s your lunch” Shona added passing the butter & cottage cheese sandwich to Brian.
“What! Cottage cheese? Again? I’ve been eating the same stuff for a week now. Don’t we have any peanut butter or something?”
“We will if you bring home some money” replied Shona carelessly, she had heard the same complaint for a week know “Ah come on dad,” continued Brian “your not serious about the car boot sale thing are you? all my friends have got Nike and stuff, why can’t I?” groaned Brian.
“I am most certainly serious young man, who do think I am, a millionaire?”
“You’re my dad, so start acting like one!” Brian shouted. He quickly ran out of the house before his dad could say anything.
“Oi, come back here, NOW!” Artemis shouted in vein. “What did I say?” he turned round to Shona, but she was walking towards the kitchen. “Are you going to ask for a pay raise or not?” was her last sentence. Artemis sighed took his jacket and went out. The pavement was still wet from yesterday’s rain, he hugged his jacket tighter as he walked along the cold grey streets. Shona watched him from the dirty windows, she felt sorry for him, but he was so naive and weak, as if his name was intended to be a paradox. All he did was feel sorry for everyone, care for everyone apart from himself. It had been 12 years since they had met and he was the same naive and weak man from then till today. Just then the kettle started to boil, and she poured the hot water in to the mug to make some tea. After stirring the sugar into the mug, she went to her favourite chair, taking the photo album with her. As she turned the pages of the album one by one, she tried to recount the memories of college. She was the most popular and the prettiest girl in the school. Her lessons were not perfect, but she was the leader of the girls’ volleyball team. Snapping out of her memories for a second, she looked towards the mirror on the other side of the room. Apart from the few extra pounds she had put on, she was still perfect, her long straight legs and her even curves would turn any men around for a second glance. She turned her eyes back to the album and the memories. She was beautiful she knew that and she was not afraid of showing it. But being pretty had its consequences, although she didn’t show it, she knew that every boy wanted to sleep with her, and some, not only boys but girls as well, had the guts to try and lure her into bed. She never slept with anyone, yet she loved to make boys think that she wanted to, she loved to see them suffer, and would take advantage of every one of them, her family was never rich but she had always eaten in the best restaurants, and worn designer gears. She didn’t even notice Artemis until the end of the 2nd year, when the exams had started. He was the geek of the class, he knew practically everything, and his hands were always in the air. Her thoughts were suddenly blocked by the bell of the house “who could that be at this time of day” she went up lazily to open the door. “Artemis! What are you doing here at this time of the day, shouldn’t you be at...”
“The old lady...she’s...she’s...dead oh Shona, she died two days ago in her sleep.”
“Don’t tell me your gonna cry for that women are you?” Shona asked, “Stupid dick” she thought to herself “his tone would have sounded jollier if she had kicked him out from work.”
“Yeah but that means we’re out of work” he said in the same devastated tone. “Well glad to hear he is devastated about something more normal other than...YOUR WHAT?!” she screamed out load, it had taken her a few seconds to realise what he had said. “YOU’RE OUT OF WORK, WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU’RE OUT OF WORK?”
“It means I'm jobless” he said trying to hug her for comfort.
“Wha...what...didn’t that old women of a hag give you any insurance?” she asked.
“I don’t think she even knew what it meant love.” He said trying to laugh at his joke.
“Oh so you think it’s funny do you? You think it’s down right funny? Well, try laughing at this then? We have a huge debt from this house AND from the smashed car, and we have one week left to pay for all that ‘cause if we don’t the house and everything in it is taken, we are almost penniless, and you’ve lost your job! Here try laughing at this” she said pushing him away.
“Okay calm down, you’re becoming hysterical. Look I’ll see what I can do tomorrow yeah”
“Oh that’s really calmed me down, really. I'm going to wake up tomorrow and find out this was all a stupid dream.” She cried out. She quickly ran upstairs and slammed the door behind her. “this man is beyond stupidity, how is he going to find a job in one day, what will we survive on, where are we going to live if this house is taken away, what will happen to Brian?” with these thoughts, it was 3 o’clock at night before she managed to fall asleep.
Three days had passed since the incident and Artemis still couldn’t find a job. They were becoming more and more desperate. The money in the bank was only enough to feed them.
“Two days left before they come for the house” she thought to herself. “She had to think, fast. She suddenly flashed back, the designer gears, the fancy restaurant, the soft whispers “do you know how much people would pay to eat at the same table with you...use your beauty...use it, you deserve it.” They used to be a whispers then, but now they were coming out louder and louder. She opened the wardrobe, took out her low-cut mini black dress, after a quick makeup, she looked at herself in the mirror, “I can’t go out like this” she thought to herself as she walked back to the wardrobe, took out a long petticoat. “I probably have to do this for a week and I’ll get the money that we need” she thought to herself as she walked through the cold and wet streets of Manchester. She practically knew the address of the place she needed to go like the address of her very own house, just like everyone, it was the men’s most favourite, and the women’s least favourite place in the whole area. “I’ll only need to do it for a week, just one week, and then everything will be back to normal. Artemis will be angry at first, but when he sees the money he wont regret it and will hopefully forget It.” she still thought to herself. It took her about 15 minutes to go to the place. Although it was the darkest and dirtiest place in Manchester, it was certainly the most visited one, whether by men to enjoy themselves or women to try and brake down the place. As she got closer she could feel the strong smell of smoke and, cigar filling her lung with each breath. As if to get used to what was going to happen next, she took a deep breath and knocked on the blood red door...

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