Creative Writing: A Touch of Sound Essay

Creative Writing: A Touch of Sound Essay

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A Touch of Sound
We all remember these grey gloomy days filled with a feeling of despair that saddens the heart from top to bottom. Even though, there may be joy in one’s heart, the atmosphere turns the soul cold and inert. Autumn is the nest of this particular type of days despite its hidden beauty. The sun seems foreign, and the nights are darker than usual enveloped by a thrill that generates chills to travel through the spine leaving you with a feeling of insecurity. Nevertheless, the thinnest of light will always shine through the deepest darkness; in fact, darkness amplifies the beauty and intensity of a sparkle. There I found myself trapped within the four walls of my house, all alone, surrounded by the viscosity of this type of day. I could hear some horrifying voices going through my mind led by unappealing suicidal thought. Boredom had me encaged, completely at its mercy. I needed to go far away, and escape from this morbid house which was wearing me down to the grave. Hope was purely what I was seeking in the middle of the city. Outside, the air was heavy. No beautifully rounded clouds, nor sunrays where available to be admired through the thick grey coat formed by the mist embedded in the streets. Though, I felt quite relieved to notice that I was not alone to feel that emptiness inside myself as I was trying to engage merchant who shown similar “symptoms” of my condition. The atmosphere definitely had a contagious effect spreading through the hearts of every pedestrian that day. Very quickly, what seemed to be comforting me at first, turned out to be deepening me in solitude. In the city park, walking ahead of me, I saw a little boy who had long hair attached with a black bandana.
He was carrying a big colorf...

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... there. A woman next to me was holding her new born baby as she was listening to the play, and that baby, who was initially sleeping woke up with a smile on his/her face. The little boy was hitting those notes perfectly, and involuntary of myself, my eyes closed, and I was sucked up in the song. It was as if I stopped listening to the song, and instead the song itself was touching me. I automatically pictured that small light in the dark that shines proudly from miles away. As the boy was hitting the last note, I slowly opened my eyes, and notice that it was not such a bad day after all. I could see the hidden beauty of autumn days which was only the reflection of my own soul, which in turn, had been transcended in to a heavenly world. The boy was looking at us like an angel who just accomplished his ultimate goal; that is to make people happy, and erase their fears.

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