Creative Web Design : Application Server Program Essay

Creative Web Design : Application Server Program Essay

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Application server program
E-mail system
Data storage system
The existing computer system hardware, such as the printer as well as the print and fax combination printer and the remote desktops among others.
Considering the company’s operations, it is experiencing several risks. Such risks involve:
Malicious Hardware Insecurities – The threat involves the organization’s hardware that tends to contain other highly associated risks of malicious hardware and firmware codes that provides backdoors to the company’s systems.
Mobile Hardware - When individuals as well as employees within the organization use their PCs and mobile devices to access the open corporate network, serious as well as critical security risks are created.

The Cloud – Storing information within the cloud is often a sensible idea for most companies to adopt since most cloud providers tend to provide better security. However, high potential risks exist when huge repositories of information appear to be very attractive targets for most hackers.
Targeting OS X – The organization’s Microsoft Windows Operating Systems is vulnerable to several malware writers’ attacks.

Thus, the existing OS is highly insecure as well as easily compromised. Nonetheless, the OS X system is currently as well as increasingly targeted by attackers.
Disgruntled Employees – Such employees as evident from the organizational operations, tend to be the most serious (high) risk to the organization as well as its information.

A failure to curb as well as deal with the existing Network systems security risks, the company is bound to collapse because ...

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...ce trainings to the employees.
Security awareness need assessments of the organizations contemporary states as the efficiency of their IT security knowledge training programs.
Design effective Security knowledge program developments that will focus on the best practices as well as expert advices of the top data security advisers.
Tailor a customized security training program that will establish flexible instructions as well as professional training supports performed by the company’s secure network matter experts.
Employ managed phishing to heighten employee data security knowledge against other phishing attacks by testing as well as learning reinforcements, and reducing the risks posed by them.
Build a managed security awareness program designed to fully implement as well as manage comprehensive programs for the company.

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