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Creative Ideas : Creative Thinking Essay

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Rarely do people search high and low for others that have creative minds. As sorrowful as it is, few consider creativity relevant and even fewer understand why we need more innovate thinking. In a world where people teach in specific ways and where there aren’t many opportunities that allow growth for creative thought, we fail to fully explore one’s true potential. A minority interested in discovering that potential continue to investigate a more appropriate method to teaching old ideas that hopefully lead to new ideas. If we can just get people to engage in their imagination, they would have a greater appreciation for innovated thinking. It’s just a matter of observing which practices work and making improvements on how to go about teaching. Innovate thinking is a characteristic we sufficiently lack and don’t take the time to recognize its true value.
Inspiration comes along from a variety of different ways, and the benefits of it can open up many doors. Creative thoughts present a new perspective on life and discussing these perspectives can bring attention to legitimate, occurring world problems. This allows individuals to become more comfortable in being in their own skin by the free expression of their own thoughts. In some ways it nourishes the mind and leads a healthy lifestyle.
This annotated bibliography shows the real importance of creativity and how it doesn’t take a genius to have a sense of visionary. Anyone has potential in expressing their creativity and making even the smallest impact on society.
In a review on techniques that grow creativity and help overcome barriers to creativity blocks, Daley describes how from an early age, we were taught to do tasks one suitable way instead of exploring and disco...

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...ivity and why we lack the quality in our today’s society. Much use of strong personal emotions and first-hand analyzation accounts support his standpoint on the issue that appeals to his readers. He clearly states that our system has failed to exercise and inspire induvial thought, because we are afraid of judgement. Schools have limited the curious mind by calling focus on grades and memorization on subjects. Society programs students to follow ideals. Without originality, people are lost on who they are and struggle to build a path for their life. As Waters claims, people should be encouraging to explore and flourish their creativity. For it pushes passion, keeps people constantly pondering of new tactics, and motivates them to step out of their comfort zone. Anyone searching for how creative thinking is significant to the business world may look at Waters’ article.

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