Creative Cooks Kitchen and Eagle Talon Castle Evaluation Essay

Creative Cooks Kitchen and Eagle Talon Castle Evaluation Essay

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Toys can conjure up fond memories of a person’s childhood. We can all remember a favorite toy we never left home without, or we refused to go to bed until it was at our side. I chose to evaluate two toys from Toys R’Us that remind me of toys I grew up with. The first toy is the Creative Cooks Kitchen. It is a colorful kitchen featuring a stove, microwave, sink, and fridge. Various parts, such as the microwave and stovetop, make noises, and the fridge and cabinets double as storage for the thirty-nine accessories that are included. The second toy I evaluated was the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Playset. The medieval castle can be expanded into a three-foot play area. Fisher Price’s “Action Tech” technology allows action figures and other accessories to be recognized by the playset, triggering responsive sound effects. The Creative Cooks Kitchen retails from for $189.99, and the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Playset can be purchased for $39.98. In this paper, I will evaluate the Creative Cooks Kitchen and the Imaginext Eagle Talon Castle Playset in categories such as safety, cultural and gender biases, and occupational values.
The Creative Cooks Kitchen is recommended for ages two to twelve years. As the parent of a two-year-old, smaller accessories may generate some concern, but these smaller pieces can be kept in a safe place until the child is mature enough to play with them. This toy does not foster any cultural biases, but may be used as a tool for diversity. Rather than the normal array of food and cookware, accessories such as chopsticks can be introduced, or international play food sets. One package I found included fettuccini, salsa, Swiss cheese, strawberry kiwi juice, and salmon steak. This gives a child an...

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