Essay on Creationism versus Evolutionary Theories

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I have always been fascinated by the two major theories in the world used to explain how the human race and other life forms came to be on planet Earth. These two theories are commonly known as the Creationism theory and the Evolution theory. I want to have a look at: who came up with these theories, why those theories exist, different beliefs on how old the earth is, basic timelines for each theory, central reason as to how humans came to exist and where the evidence used by each side to explain the existence of mankind is derived, existence of God questioned, dinosaurs fact or myth, and the most supported theory currently in the world. This essay is not intended in any way to discredit one theory or support the other, but instead it is a source of comparing and contrasting the two theories.
Creationism is defined as the belief that God created all things out of nothing as shown in the Bible according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Evolution from my understanding in science classes is a scientific theory to explain the origin of species of plants and animals. Robin McKie, a journalist, for the Guardian News, identifies Charles Darwin as the father of the Evolution theory based on his article, "How Darwin Won the Evolution Race." On the other hand, according to Michael Ruse, a professor of Philosophy, at Stanford University, in his writings for The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, highlights how Creationism was not formulated by an individual, but is based on the Bible.
Evolution theory was brought to fruition, because of Charles Darwin’s obsession about the variation that occurs within living species, especially in domestic animals (McKie). Darwin and his fellow naturalist Alfred Wallace concluded that geologically older ...

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... a creator-God (Congelliere). Judging from my own experience, this is true as Evolution is not a highly talked about subject in schools within my country Zimbabwe.
These two theories both make interesting and catchy claims, and I believe it is up to each individual to follow or believe the theory that best makes sense for them.

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