Creationism and Modern Scientist Essay

Creationism and Modern Scientist Essay

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The topic of creation and humanity is debated by Christians and non-Christians. Modern scientists can claim that the age of the universe is billions of years old and back up their claims with a dating system that cannot be proven. The Bible expresses that God is the creator and humans were fashioned by Him. There are different and varying views of creation, and as Christians, the Bible must be analyzed to examine the truth behind creation.

Creationism: Six Literal Twenty Four Hour Days
Creationism is the view that states the universe, including Adam and Eve, were created in six literal, twenty-four hour days and is the view that agrees with Scripture. The Hebrew word for day is yom, and when analyzing the context of Scripture, it can be concluded six literal, twenty-four hour days of creation of the earth. The Bible makes this argument clear in describing a day as “evening and morning” (Genesis 1:5-2:3). Pastor Mark Driscoll, in his article, “Answers to Common Questions about Creation,” gives support to this view, quoting Exodus 20:8-11 many times in the article. Scripture is clear that God made everything in six literal, twenty-four hour days and rested on the seventh.
The article provided six different views of creation and Creationism is the one that best defines what is written in Scripture. This solidified my conclusion that the universe and everything created was made in six days. For example, the Gap Theory explains that there were two creations. First, the earth was created and then a cataclysmic event happened and it was destroyed. God, then, re-created the earth. Driscoll offers that God declared his creation to be “very good,” which could not be said if evil had previously plagued the world.


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...t warns against this in Scripture. Jesus said, “Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men” (Mark 7:8). As Christians, we need to put the Bible as the absolute source of authority, as it is God’s Word. 2 Timothy 3:16 states: “All Scripture is inspired by God.” If all Scripture is inspired by God, then everything in it is absolute truth, including creation. If we mix Scripture with evolution, then the Bible is not authoritative.

In conclusion, the Bible tells us that creation happened in six literal, twenty-four hour days, and God rested on the seventh. It is impossible to determine the age of the universe as the Bible does not give us that information. The book of Genesis is intended to show us that God is the creator of all things, and to show us His glory. With the biblical account of creation, the Bible refutes evolution.

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