Creation: Which Religion's Story Is True? Essay

Creation: Which Religion's Story Is True? Essay

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In every nation and culture across the globe, there has been, are, and will always be questions that challenge the belief systems of every religion. The main queries tend to be in the nature of: Who is God? Who am I? How do we know that religion is real? Where did the world come from? Is man superior over nature? Although I, or any other human being for that matter, cannot answer these deep questions, I can form an opinion and compare each religion’s views. I’ve decided to focus on one issue of ponder, where did the universe come from, and when was the ‘beginning’ of time? There is no factual answer or proof of the creation of the world, but each religion is entitled to their own beliefs and each has a creation story in which they believe to be correct; we will never truly know, obviously being that we weren’t there, where or how the world came into existence, but it is in each of our souls to have that answer within.
The Aborigines of Australia are said to have come to Australian soil about 40,000 years ago, bringing with them their own traditions, languages, and beliefs, including their story on how the world was created. They believe that “the earth was featureless, flat, and grey. There were no mountain ranges, no rivers, no billabongs, no birds or animals – in fact not one living thing. (Resture).” Then, Baiame, ‘maker of things’, decided to introduce the Dreamtime. Dreamtime was a point, a time frame, in the Aborigine history where giant ‘Beings’ were released to roam the unshaped world. The Beings had human needs and quenches, therefore they spent their time on earth digging for water and searching for food. Their journey through the world is an etymology for how the earth is the way it appears, mountains, valleys, etc. ...

... middle of paper ... really be answered by facts, the answer is within each person and it’s up to them to decide what they believe, and to them they are indeed correct.

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