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The Creation Of The Universe Essay

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When it comes to how the creation of the earth came to be there are different myths and folklore stories. After hearing any of these explain how the earth was created, one can wonder, “How exactly was it created?” It is evident that it is a very good question to ask. After doing some research in all three areas of how creation of earth came to be, it is hard not to acknowledge that as unalike as they are they are at the same time very homogenous. This is proven with Harrison’s article, “Creation of the Universe,” as he demonstrates too that in different parts of the world there are similarities and differences.
One of the myths that talks about the creation of the earth is from Greek mythology, it can also be referred to as the birth of Gaea. In the beginning there was only Chaos but, later Chaos would be joined by Erebus, “where death dwells,” and Night. According to this myth when love was born it set the “beginning of the order.” From the birth of love came light and from the birth of light came Gaea; earth. Following the beginning of the order, Erebus and Night gave birth to Ether, “heavenly light,” and Day, “earth light.” By itself Night brought to life Doom, Fate, Death, Sleep and Nemesis. Around the same time, Gaea gave birth to Uranus also known as the sky, he eventually became Gaea’s husband and surrounded “all her sides”. Gaea and her husband Uranus together gave birth to “three Cyclopes, the three Hecatoncheires, and twelve Titans.” After the castration of Uranus from the youngest Titan Cronus, came a war that ended the ruling of the Titans and the ruling of the Gods began. It was the children of Cronus who “exiled the Titans” and in especially the leader of the Titans Atlas. As punishment for him he was forced to car...

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..., “Creation of the Universe,” reminds me of the stories that I researched because just like in the Bible, Greek mythology, or folklore stories around the world there are plenty of others stating how the creation of the earth came to be. Harrison explains this in his article with giving different examples of how around the world there is a different yet similar version of how earth was created. For example in the section titled, “Sumerian,” in Harrisons article there is a “watery abyss” called Apsu and Tiamat a female “being.” Together they “arose” over six-hundred gods and goddesses for the purpose of different realms. In the section titled, Egyptian, in Harrison’s article there too was a “Nun” which was the “primal oceanic abyss” and a spirit that carried all existence within itself called “Atum.” Together Nun and Atum “manifested” the gods and goddesses.

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