The Creation Of Television : Sketch Of Nipkow 's Electric Telescope Essay example

The Creation Of Television : Sketch Of Nipkow 's Electric Telescope Essay example

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Then: The Creation of Television

Sketch of Nipkow 's 'electric telescope '
The boob tube, the idiot box, the telly, or more commonly known as the television began as just an idea. If we could send sound over waves of electricity in the air, why couldn 't we send pictures? Paul Gottlieb Nipkow was one of many men that sparked the race for television. In 1884 Nipkow introduced his mechanical scanning system. The device had an 'electronic telescope ' and a disc which was perforated with 20 square shaped holes arranged in a spiral. As the disk would spin, a strong light would shine through the holes and onto whatever was in front of the machine. A selenium photoelectric cell was used to translate the lines into an electrical signal. The result was a black and white picture with 20 lines. As you can imagine, the picture was not very clear. As a matter of fact, it could be quite terrifying. The RCA adopted the mechanical scanning process and it gradually became better as more inventors modified Nipkow 's design. One such inventor was John Baird. Baird 's mechanical system was pitted against young inventor Philo T. Farnsworth 's electronic television. Farnsworth was approached by the RCA in an attempt to buy the patents for his system from him as they had done with many companies. Farnsworth however managed to convince the RCA to license his patents which gave him control over his inventions and earnings in royalties from the RCA. Electronic television was quickly adopted as the standard for televisions by the RCA. Development of the electronic system continued well into the 1930s. The first television finally made its debut at the New York World 's Fair in 1939. By 1941, the FCC had adopted standards for operation through advisement...

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...timate goal is to reduce the need for cables and cords and clutter on your entertainment center. However, in practice, the Smart TV doesn 't seem to be that smart. The interface is usually confusing and not practical for the common user. The television will become 'dumb ' overtime because they don 't receive regular updates like your Xbox or Playstation console would. New video services will become unusable and some apps aren 't available on all models of televisions produced by the same company. You would think that because you are bypassing regular television you would also be bypassing advertisement. But Samsung 's Smart TVs actually embedded extra ads into local media, granted it was only one ad every 20-30 minutes. However, there is an opt out feature on the televisions that had this embedded advertisement, the same kind of bologna that Windows is infested with.

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