The Creation Of Psychology And Thought Essay

The Creation Of Psychology And Thought Essay

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During the 17th century, there was a man named Francis Bacon and he did more for the theory of thought than any other person during that time. He created a paper called The Four Idols which outlined the essential creation of psychology and thought as it would pervade through the years. These idols would eventually give birth to many modern ideas such as semantics (the study of linguistics and logic as it applies to meaning). His idols would outline some of the fundamental thinking processes that are part of any person’s mentality. These idols also affected how the world would view themselves, with his ideas challenging many parts of the mainstream accepted ideas and ways of thinking. With this essay, he directly attacks areas of philosophy, theology and science; he says that most of these are just creations of their master’s minds and that the facts eventually become intermingled with lies that people feel the need to come up with. The Four Idols can be applied to any aspect of life and traces of them are found where you might least expect them. Religion and science are both intertwined with the Idol of Theater, along with elements from the Idol of the marketplace. These Idols are complex and discerning them for another takes a careful eye. Charles Darwin faced similar challenges when he came out with his paper on evolution. He faced the Idols and the scrutiny that they presented. In The Four Idols, Bacon outlines the idols of man’s thought and how they can be used to scrutinize Darwin’s Natural Selection.
In order to understand how the contemporaries and their views of Darwin’s Natural Selection, we must first understand the different idols and what each idol covers. “There are four classes of idols which beset men’s minds.” In ...

... middle of paper ...

...-exist (an idea that would have been useful a long time ago). Hardin says that while the Earth may have been created by God, evolution explains how God’s creatures came to be how there are today. With this idea, Hardin hopes to unite the evolutionists and Christians so that social acceptance and understanding can be reached.
After examining the Idols that Bacon put forth and applying it to Darwin’s introduction of the theory of evolution, it is relatively obvious why contemporaries of Darwin’s refused to or were very hesitant to accept Darwin’s theory of evolution and natural selection. They had grown comfortable with the way things were; that God created the Earth and everything one it. Of course, at the time of its introduction, the idea sounded absurd. However, as time passes so does the cloud of judgement and many have learned to accept Darwin’s model as true.

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