The Creation of a Relational Database Using Microsoft Access

The Creation of a Relational Database Using Microsoft Access

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The Creation of a Relational Database Using Microsoft Access

I will be using Microsoft access to create a relational data base.
This will let me to make tables that contain data on a specific topic.
I will make a relational database my creating multiple tables and
linking them together through if they both a particular fields By
doing this it will allow my end user to find certain data from
different tables., for example they could type in the CD name which
would be in one table and it would then tell them the songs on that
album which would be stored on another table.

Now that I know what I'm using to create my database I need to know
where and how I'll get my information.

I will need the information that my end users wants to put on to their
database such as: Artist name, album name, number of songs, Album
rating, artist rating and the length of each CD. I will collect this
data from CD's that my end user wants me to add to the database. I
will do this by keying in the necessary information I need from each
CD since I have no other means of inputting the data.

I will sort all of my information in alphabetical order by artist name
because I believe this will make it the easiest way of using the
database and it will help lower the amount of errors. Other ways I can
sort my data is ascending or descending by the number of songs or by
the length of the album but this would cause great confusion because
it would mean that you would need to know the time of the album (or
number of songs) to find the particular album or artist you are
looking for.


Data Item

Data Type

Data source

Source Format

Entry Method

CD name




CD artist




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Name of songs




Number of songs




Album rating


End user


Artist rating


End user


Time of CD




Data Flow Diagram

Data Item



Output Method



End user

Visual display or print outs

A way to obtain specific data in a specific table


End user

I shall use the print button.


A more professional looking way of results of a query


Look at the screen

Visual display

An easy way of viewing an inputted table and its data.

Mail Merge

Music shop owners

I shall use the print button

Print outs

Letters to be sent off.

Visual Display

End user

Look at the screen

Visual display

An easy way of viewing the database

I will make print outs once a week.


For a back up file I will save the database onto my own personal
computer so that if any thing goes wrong with the end users computer I
can simply save the database to a portable hard drive and transfer the
database to the end users computer. I will also make sure that the
back up is kept up to data so that if I or the end user were to edit
the database on the end users computer and it was to become lost or
corrupt then we wouldn't have to then go and manually update the back
up. This backup system is fairly simple and safe to use.


For the end users security I will put the database system into a
protected folder so that to access or delete the folder the end user
will have to enter his personal password to get into the database.
This again is a simple way to keep the database protected, not that it
would really need protecting anyway because if the database was to be
accessed and changed or deleted we could simply replace it with a back
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