The Creation Of A Nation Essay

The Creation Of A Nation Essay

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The Creation of a Nation
After fighting for their independence in the Revolutionary war, America kept fighting to keep the nation afloat. The Nation had such diverse leaders and so many on going issues that it had times where it really struggled. The fear of monarchy, the debate over slavery and the issues pertaining to their relationships with foreign countries, coupled with feuds between the founding brothers somehow resulted in the success of the nation.
Although, America had gained their independence, the states feared the return of a monarchy while the government itself feared anarchy. This is seen greatly in the dinner between Jefferson, Hamilton and Madison and the effects of it and John Adam’s actions during his time as vice president. In 1790, Hamilton and Madison were at great odds. Hamilton was trying to get approval of his proposal for the "assumption of state debts by the federal government (Ellis, 48).” Thomas Jefferson took it upon himself to help them come to a compromise by inviting them to dinner where Madison agreed to let Hamilton’s plan pass by letting it take...

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