The Creation And Development Of Internet Essay

The Creation And Development Of Internet Essay

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With the creation and development of internet in the 1970’s, the world has not only been altered but also been revolutionized. The mass communication generated by the web would forever change the globe. The internet has carved a trail of innovative discovery by allowing boundless intellectual connection across several continents. The invention of the internet has propelled society into a new renaissance of exploration, and like the renaissance in the 14th century, the internet renaissance will provide wealth, opportunity, and intellectual progress. This advancement has driven the United States to become a technological leader economically. Given the opportunity to be apart of the internet renaissance, every business should embrace the web in order to improve efficiency, advance communication, and expand the company.
With the assistance from the web, companies are able to operate more efficiently. Companies can now save time and resources by utilizing the internet’s capabilities. A business is able to conduct its finances on web programs such as QuickBooks. This software effortlessly controls the budget, and allows bookkeepers to contribute data instantly. QuickBooks uses the web to make finances not only fast but also uncomplicated. Companies may also use the internet in order to schedule meetings and conferences. Saving the time of numerous phone calls, a quick email can instantly notify the entire companies about a conference call. Furthermore, the internet also helps in research and development. A corporation is able to discover contemporary ideas just by investigating its current field. For example, an apple farmer in Michigan could discover new techniques used by farmers in California just by investigating ...

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...e profit and discover new markets.
The web can advance a business by improving the company’s efficiency, communication, and expansion. The internet salvages valuable time and resources by increasing productivity through applications and computer software. The company is capable of doing beneficial research simply by exploring the company’s field. The web also improves communication in the company through emails and blogs that help to unify the company. In addition, the web improves communication in the community by displaying advertisements, receiving customer evaluations, and examining social media and celebrity trends. The globalization of the world through the internet allows companies to probe new markets and expand the business into foreign countries. Therefore, the web can give a company numerous profitable advantages which allow the company to succeed.

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