Essay on Creating the way to AppWorx

Essay on Creating the way to AppWorx

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Cuyahoga Community College
ITS, Operations
Creating the way to AppWorx.

To install AppWorx on your machine please look in your system tray, and double click the Symantec Ghost icon pictured to the right and then, select “AppWorx - Prod” and at the Symantec Ghost window click “OK”. Allow time for the process to create the necessary links in your user profile.

If the AppWorx icon does not appear on your desk top once the above install finishes, click
“Start”, “All Programs”, “APWXP AppWorx Client”, “APWXP AppWorx Client”, otherwise
click on the “Appworx icon- Prod” icon on your desktop.

The AppWorx window will open up for you to enter your user name and password.

After your initial login change your AppWorx password by clicking on “Options” at the menu bar and then select change password from the drop down.

Please note: your AppWorx password is case sensitive.

Explorer Window - Upon logging in, the first window that appears is the Explorer window. This window contains information regarding jobs waiting to run, are running, or have already run in AppWorx...

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