Creating Space For Children 's Literature Essay

Creating Space For Children 's Literature Essay

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I read an article entitled “Creating space for children’s literature”. It was written by Frank Serafini in The Reading Teacher. This was the article that Christy read and I wanted to read more about it.
It discussed when the turn of the century came, mandating laws followed that would restrict a teacher in what they taught, and started forced them to cutting out what they thought was unimportant. This article also provided ten recommendations to help include children’s literature in school. These recommendations include limit response activities, building an extensive classroom library, keeping the core program in its place, reading aloud and discussing literature on a daily basis, including literature on a daily basis, requiring students to read picture books or novels for homework, incorporating literature groups, establishing reading buddies, organizing units that study literature rather than the strategies, and becoming a more sophisticated reader our self.
The first recommendation, limit response activities, is one that we have heard before. It says that “until we, as readers ourselves, curl up near the fireplace with a worksheet or take a computer quiz for each book we read, we need to reconsider what we are asking our students to do after they are finished reading” (Serafini, 2011, p. 31). This is true for having a conversation with another and being able to share each other’s ideas are what can make a person really connect to a book.
The next recommendation of classroom libraries brought up the most interesting fact that I found was the access to online books, and not having students travel far for a good book. E-books are something that is going to be popular with the coming technology in school, and we as tea...

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...the middle of the revision process the student is able to use what they researched and apply it to how they would use it every day. Teachers could also provide the student with the opportunity to share how his or her research helped him or her write.
I also liked the idea brought up when discussing revising and editing a paper. It can often be hurtful and scaring when being asked to review something, especially if one is not confident in their writing. They provided a link,, which can provide the student with suggestions of his or her work.
It would be a good article for anyone that is looking to build technology into their writing literacy piece. It provided great examples that would work more for the middle/high school age students, but would be interesting to see if younger grades could do it also.

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